How Can I Make Her Take Her Dummy

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vicky9989 - January 16

Basicly what the t_tle reads! lol. she keeps spitting it out, only if shes hungry she takes it. i want her to have one to reduce the risk of sids. Is there anything i can do or should i just admit defeat?x


vonzo - January 16

How old is your dd vicky?


sahmof3 - January 16

If she's a newborn you can wash your hands and rub the pad of your index finger over the roof of her mouth, which will stimulate the sucking reflex.


piratesmermaid - January 16

My dd stopped taking the paci/dummy at a month and a half old. The only reason we offered it to her was the reduction of sids risk. I never took one when I was a baby, my hubby either. Some babies just won't.


chiechie25 - January 16

If she doesn't want it, I wouldn't try to force it. It will be much easier on both of you if she gives it up now rather than getting her attached to it and having to take it away when she is older. My son used a pacifier for 18 months and it was very hard to take it away by that age. My friend has 2 children and neither one used a pacifier and they are both fine. It is supposed to help reduce the risk of SIDS if they sleep with it, but I wouldn't worry about it. She will be fine without it.


Emily - January 16

I say if she doesn't want it, don’t force it. I know they say it will reduce the risk of sids, but if you already do everything else why force it?….plus the evidence to suggest that a paci does reduce the risk is not as strong as some of the others like back to sleep, don’t over heat, no blankets, don’t smoke around your baby, and so forth. Look at it this way, if she doesn't take one now, you will not be pulling your hair out in a year or two trying to take it away! Plus there is new research about the cause of sids….sids babies may have an abnormality in the brain that controls reflexes like breathing. They may be able to test babies to see if they are high risk. Doesn't help you now, but if your lo is content without one, don’t push it and do everything else to reduce the risk of sids….


vicky9989 - January 17

Thanks, i just panick so much and i wanna do everything i can! by the way shes a day shy off 2monthsxx


Heather F - January 17

I used to panic to Vicky but then I read that my baby was MORE likely to be Autistic then die of sids, with that in mind your baby's chance of dieing of sids is like 1 in 2,000 (it varies depending on race and other things but thats basically the number) - relax and enjoy your baby!! They grow up way to fast - enjoy the time you have with her and dont panic about sids.



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