How Can I Make Him Sleep Longer

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AshleyB - February 1

Hi, I'm really quite frustrated. My ds is 8wks old tomorrow. We have a routine of bath, bottle and then bed by about 11pm. We're fairly established with it and he loves his bath and falls asleep really easy. He usually sleeps from about 11-2:30. It's like he has an internal timer that goes off at 2:30. Anyway, I get up and change and feed him and he goes right back to sleep usually within 15-30 minutes. Now here's my problem.... he's been getting up about every 45minutes to 1 hour from 4am on til morning usually up for good at 730. How can I get him to sleep longer than 45minutes!!! Is there something I can do to help him, or is this normal and should I just expect him to grow out of it? I'm exhausted and don't know what to do. Thanks..


Perl - February 1

I can't tell you if it's normal just that you're not alone. My ds is 12 weeks and has a similar problem. I feel like a zombie. I'm trying different approach every day and will let you know if figure out a way that works for my lo so you can try and see if it works for you too. I'm hopeful I will find a solution soon!


ash2 - February 1

When he grows, everything else does. He will not wake up at 2:30am for the rest of his life. He goes through growth spurts, and will not wake up every single time , at the same time. He will have to develop his own way of sleeping habit when they are this young. I never had DS on a sleeping schedule with either one, and they developed their own schedule by like 3 months. My second now goes to bed around 8pm, and wakes up around midnight for a bottle, then doesnt wake again untill 6am. Sometimes he sleeps through the whole night.


mommyke - February 1

Try swaddling. This helped my son and he sleeps 12 hours. he kept startling himself awake and the swaddling helped. He is 4 months now and doesn't need to be swaddled any more, but it helped through those tough months. Also read "the Happiest baby on the block" - many on here have sworn by it - it worked for us!


AshleyB - February 1

I've heard alot of people on here talk about that book, I will definatly have to look into it. I do swaddle my lo. I wonder if maybe a positioner would help, I'm going to try that tonight, maybe he'll feel more cuddled like he's being held maybe?? I don't know. He was on a roll for about 3 days where he slept for 5hrs, then would get a bottle and go back to sleep for another 2-3hrs, and that was awesome, but it didn't last and now he's doing this ridiculous every hour thing. He sleeps in a ba__sinett next to our bed. Of course my mom and mil tell me to put a little bit of rice in his bottle, but they are from the old school where they did that at 6wks. How things change huh? I hope its just a growth spurt or something. We've changed his formula from soy to gentlease, and it was like he was a different baby, very smiley and content, on the soy he would scream and cry for hours from bellyaches, now if I could just get him to sleep a bit longer at a time, we'd be rockin!



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