How Can My 8 Month Old POSSIBLY Be Getting Enough

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ssmith - January 14

My dd is 8 months old, and I am still br___tfeeding. My concern is that we are down to maybe 5 nursing sessions a day, and one in the middle of the night. For most of the times during the day, she will nurse for maybe 5 minutes at at time....10 if I'm lucky. I know that my milk production is down as a result, and I worry that she isn't getting enough!! If she were bottle fed, there's NO way she could finish a 6 oz. bottle in the short time that she takes to nurse. She eats a good amount of "solids", but br___tmilk should still be #1 in her diet at this age, right? I just can't see how this is possible in 5!!!!!


krc - January 15

from all that I have learned, read, heard, etc....unless they are losing weight, your child is getting what they need. Sometimes Ethan can suck my b___b dry in less than 5 minutes!!!! LOL Some babies dont waste any time, they know how to drink real hard and fast !!! There have been times where I let Ethan nurse the same b___b all night long ( we co sleep, he's 5 1/2 months ) and in the morning my poor other b___b was like a milk baloon ready to pop, so I'd go stick it in his mouth and he'd have my b___b " deflated " in 5 minutes or less !!!!! And yes, in my opinion, b___stmilk should still be number one in their diet.


Rabbits07 - January 15

The American Baby article (Jan. 2007) on feeding that I have referred to a gazillion times since I got it (I wonder if I could get a PR job with them?....LOL) says at that age they should be b___stfeeding 3-5 times per day so your dd sounds normal. Like krc said, some babies can empty a b___st in no time. My ds Clint was like that.....he would empty the b___st in 5 minutes tops from the time he was only about 3 months old! The anatomy of the b___st and the way the milk comes out is different than a bottle (for one thing the b___st has numerous openings from which the milk comes out and a bottle nipple has 3 at the most...) so you really can't reliably compare the two. I a__sume your dd is now eating some solids too so she is getting some nutrition from that and of course will nurse a little less. As you mentioned b___st or formula is to be the primary source of nutrition through 1 year, but the number of times your dd is nursing is normal.


olivia - January 15

my dd was only nursing 3 times a day at 8 months. her dr. said that was norma -l as long as she was growing just go with what seems natural. She was also a big eater of solids by then.



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