How Can You Get Them To Wake Up Later In The Morning

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lin7604 - February 19

my ds is 17 weeks on tuesday and used to wake up between 7-8 everyday, mostly at 7:30. well this past week he has been waking at 5:30-6am! wide awake, babbling. He has been going to bed around 8 before and this week it has been 7-7:30 as he is either grumpy or missed his last nap. i wouldn't think that a 30 -60 max (min) earlier time would cause him to wake upalmost 2 hrs earlier. i though that they say that a earlier bedtime won't make them wake up earlier? that it is a myth to say a leter bedtime will have them wake up later?


Smilefull - February 19

have you tried closing the drpes or getting some to keep out light and noise? Also, I heard that if they don;t get enough nap time during the day it causes them to have a hard time to fall asleep--or have a good sleep...?


lin7604 - February 19

ya i heard that as well, but his naps are the same since day 1 except today he has fought every single nap! his naps are always 30-60 min and no longer! i keep all lights off, door closer,, etc once he is done eating he starts babbling, i lie him down and he continues. 15 min later he will start to cry, so i gie him his soother and he just spits it out.


Smilefull - February 19

bath before mommy gav me that tip...a nice warm bath has some magical power that makes them completely relax and dose off.


LollyM - February 19

smilefull, my mom told me the same thing and it does work! Also Ava wakes up at 6:30 or 7 to eat, but then I rock her back to sleep while nursing her and that seems to work. she gets up for good between 8 and 9:30 She goes to bed between 9 and 10 pm She is 6 months old. Anyway, try putting lo to bed a tad later and give a bath before bedtime. if all else fails, remember that if you rock them long enough, they will eventually fall back to sleep!


MM - February 19

My lo goes to bed any time between 8:30 & 10:30 usually... but he always wakes at 7:30. He doesn't cry but I can hear him moving & fussing a little. I take him out of the ba__sinet & bring him into my bed & we snuggle for another 2 hours.


jwhite - February 20

I heard that also, put to bed earlier sleep later. It doesn't work in my case either. She has her off and on days. This weekend she would wake up around 6:30 or 7 but she would go back to sleep, this morning though she woke up at 5:15 babbling but I just let her cause hpefully she owuld fall back to sleep, well she probably would have if I would have let her for longer but I went ahead and went in to feed her since it was almost time for me to wake up.



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