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Deirdra - February 26

How can you tell when your LO doesnt like a food? I know DS likes apples and sweet potato and pears...but peaches and squash he'll eat but make funny faces....and carrots i think he likes to, it seems he is getting used to it. We found out he is allergic to peas....he SCREAMED and SCREAMED after i had fed him....and shot a fever and i called the dr and the dr said its was an allergic reaction. so eya no peas...and also when to start stage 2 foods??


Deirdra - February 26

oh yea DS is 4 1/2 months


Emily - February 26

I am not sure, how to tell if he likes them or not. I would say if he is eating them, keep offering them. About the stage 2, when he does relly well with stage one and you think he can handle somethign a little thicker. That is really the only diff in stage one and two is that stage two is thicker. Marcy refused even stage one or rice cerel until she was 6 mos and was eating both stage one and two at the time.....


Smilefull - February 26

when mine doesn't like it he just won't eat it. If they eat them that means they either like it or don't mind it.


Gena - February 26

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krnj - February 26

I think I started my ds on stage 2 after he turned 6 months or so. I kept trying but he still doesn't like peaches.


MM - February 26

My ds isn't old enough for food yet but when he doesn't want his "bubba" he pushes it away & turns his head. And when he doesn't want his "soo-soo", you can't get it in his mouth. He pushes his lips shut & will not open them & he clenches his gums together. (So I don't think he'll have a problem letting me know when he doesn't like something - LOL) BTW, he is 15 weeks old & the dr. said when he is around 4 months, we may be starting him on rice cereal.


Topaz - February 27

It is interesting to hear you ds is allergic to peas. My dd is too. She breaks out in a rash on her face after she eats peas, but she loved to eat them when we first tried them out.


Lchan - February 27

I was told that the difference between stage 1 food and stage 2 food wasn't the thickness (many stage 2 foods are just a thin as stage 1) but the mixture of one or more food. For example stage 1 has simple bananna or simple chicken, but stage 2 offers a bananna/apple/orange combo or chicken with rice. You can switch from stage 1 to stage 2 once you have determined that your baby isn't allergic to any of the foods in the stage 2 product. For example first you would feed stage 1 banannas, then 5 + days later introduced stage 1 apple sauce. Once your baby handled both of these ok, you could feed stage 2 bananna/applce combo. At the same time you may be feeding your baby stage 1 foods of another variety. The difference between stage 2 & stage 3 is that stage 3 offers a slightly chunkier puree.


sophandbob - February 27

Don't know about in the US, but stage 2 is for kids aged 9 months onwards. My health visitor says a child has to refuse food on 17 occa__sions before you can be sure they don't like it. What a joke! I mean do we sit down and say, we'll i didn't like that, but I'll try it another 16 times to make sure!


Lala - February 27

I've never heard of giving baby foods to a 4 1/2 month old. Your doc said that is okay? I've always read and known that you don't even start plain rice cereal until 5 mos, and then a month after that, start stage 1 foods. just what I think, though.


AnytimeLittleone - February 27

DEIRDRA... we had the same issue with Peas at about 4 months. Now at 7 months, she seems fine with the carrot/pea stage 2. I guess they outgrow allergies? LALA -You can give infants as young as 3 months veggies. We had to do that with my daughter because of medical problems. There is actually a greater risk to being allergic and intolerant to rice cereal than to vegetables... I didnt know that until the pedi told me to completely skip cereal!


Ashleyg - February 27

my doc had us feeding my ds rice cereal at 4 months (we quickly switched to the oatmeal cereal because the rice cereal gave him the most horrible gas!)...then after a couple of week starting him on veggies and fruits. he loves the sweet potatoes but doesnt seem to like fruit all that much...i really thought he would because they are sweet...babies are strange!


hello - February 28

You guys certainly do things differently in the us... I have been reading though that even there solids dont start until 6 months.... If you are already giving your child solids then pureed carrot, apple, pear, heinz rice cereal (for breakfast) is all you need to be doing.... At that age their main source of nutrients comes from milk, maybe some pureed pear or rice cereal in the am is plenty for now... on top of the same amount of milk u were giving before.... If your doctor says more is fine then in the pm some pureed carrot or pumpkin for dinner... When my daughter was 6 to 7 months this is what i was told, breakfast and dinner plus the same amount of milk... I know u are a nice person so i am not gonna go stupid cause u are giving your child solids at that age but if it was someone else i would tell them what i think of what they are doing.... It just astounds me how drs all get the same degree and learn pretty much the same stuff but one tells a person solids is fine at 3 months while the next says wait till 6.... My daughter usually pulls a face if she finds something strange tasting... yet it doesnt mean she doesnt like it ... as next time i try her she has been known to pull the face and keep eating it............I just want to tell mm that because we are all adults you can use adult words so we can understand, Good luck d and i am not being nasty, we all have our views on stuff as u know and mine is solids starting at 6 months or 5 even but each to their own..... take care


mosley12 - February 28

we just recently started ds on stage 1 foods..he's only had peas and carrots, and will try sqaush starting on friday, but he HATES the carrots. he'll see the spoon and open his mouth wide, than i'll feed him, and he makes this funny face and just starts crying. than he'll calm down and i'll trry again and he starts screaming. than he eventually just shuts his mouth and turns his head. but peas he loves!



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