How Cute Is It When

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Ruthie - December 29

They smile as they fall asleep...they smack their lips when they're done eating...they make little sucking noises in their sleep...they make that ridiculous grunting noise while they poop...they have hic-ups (sp?)...


monica - December 29

love it love it....Caleb just smacked his lips tonight after he ate and he was smiling as I left him in his crib to sleep...he is getting so much more fun..... I miss him already.


Ashley - December 29

soooooo cute! My daughter just started dancing and its the cutest thing ever. She bops her head and moves her body!


Shelly - December 29

On christmas eve I set up the exersauser for Jesse.He loved it so much,he was just laughing out loud with evry sound-I got it on video tape_well, in the evening after I gave him a bath and a bottle he fell asleep in the crook of my arm,and I was looking at him b/c he looked so happy,well..he laughed out loud in his sleep and woke himself up!!! So cute.So I got up and put him in his crib, in the middle of the night I woke up b/c he laughed and giggled,I went to see him but he fell back a sleep.He must have dreamed about his exersaucer b/c he had never done that before,I have seen him smile in his sleep but never laughing out loud,TWICE!!


melissa - December 29

I love it when Taylor smacks her lips when feeding; also when she has her mouth wide open shaking her head from side to side trying to find the nipple--so cute! She'd get it sooner if she just kept her head still, but she's so impatient, just like her mommy!! She's also starting to coo a little now--so sweet! I'm looking forward to the other cute things, but at the same time wish she'd stay like this forever!


TC - December 30

I love it when after Danny is finished a bottle he looks up at me like he is saying, "mommy you're the greatest". I am so in love with this kid.


sara - December 30

I love it when Brittany sticks her lower lip out before she starts crying.


Narcissus - December 30

It's incredibly cute! Yesterday afternoon, I was playing with my son's hair while he was lying on my belly. He looked up at me, smiled, rolled over and proceeded to scoot toward me & he kissed me right on the lips! I could not believe he kissed me on his own. I melted like never before. He really knows how to work his mommy:)


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 30

I think I have PMS! LOL! All of these posts have me tearing up! I love my little guy so much so when he does anything like this my heart melts! The other day he sat up all by himself for about 10 minutes while watching his hokey pokey elmo. I was so proud! The fact that my 4 mo old know how to give kisses and only gives them to me is by far my favorite.


Shannon - December 30

i like it when isabelle sticks out her bottom lip when she's crying too! it's so cute. i like it when she clutches my shirt in her hand when she's nursing, as if to make sure i don't leave her. just about any noises she makes i love and definitely every smile


Ca__sie - December 30

When do they start doing these cute things? My little Aria is 3 weeks old and though she does cute things.... more often she will be fussy, grunt, or groan. When will she laugh and dance?


amanda.d - December 30

When my little guy's eyes get huge over anything that makes him happy. Too cute. LOL.


momma - December 30

Yesterday while I was playing with my dd she grabbed my finger and acted like she was gunna bute and I told her no bites right after I saif that she got a huge smile on her face and started to laugh and let go of my finger.


Sarahsmommy - December 30

Ca__sie, when is your babies birthday? My daughter, Sarah, is 3 weeks old also, she was born on Dec. 7th.


Sarahsmommy - December 30

I love it when I'm holding her and she starts to "bop" her head up and down wherever she can get it looking for my nipple. I also love how she sometimes makes a little "o" with her mouth, it's soo cute.


Heidi - December 30

Too cute! Lately Emma will be nursing and she'll look up at me and get this huge smile on her face and then bury her face back into my b___b and makes the funniest noises. She hasn't masted laughing quite yet. She makes these funny squeeling sounds. I've been trying to get her to howl cus those are the sounds she's been making and although they don't come out quite right, she'll try to do it in her crib like she's calling for her mom! My DH said she's going to be barking like a dog before saying momma. Ha ha! I think it's cute.


Barb - December 30

I* can just picture all of tose things you gals are talking SWEET!! I too love it when Trinity nurses first thing in the morning and looks up at me with a HUGE gummy smile, then continues to feed....I also love it when she totally sticks out her b___t and arches her back and stretches SO's soooo cute :)



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