How Did Everyone Decide On Babies Name

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Rachael mommy2lucas - November 12

How did everyone come up with names for baby? Did you and dh agree, were there family names you wanted, names picked out since childhood, go thru a big baby name book? I had always been convinced I would have a girl first since that is all we have in my family. I had decided since I was a teenager my daughter's name would be Hayley Mariah and advised hubby it was non-negotiable. When we found out we were having a boy dh said he was up for suggestions but only request was middle name be John, after his father. We both decided we liked Lucas and he especially liked , being a huge Star Wars fan, that he could torture our son by bellowing "Luke, I am your father" my son's whole life! What a dork, but Lucas John it was. Just thought we could share our cute baby naming stories.


angela - November 12

my husband actually picked the name victoria for our little girl and i liked it so we kept it. its not a family name we just liked it. i choose the middle name Elizabeth because thats my mom's and twin sisters middle name :)


hi - November 12

Pulled it from a hat. We agreed on a middle name when we were first dating. That is the only thing we kept.


Liana - November 12

I really wanted to name my baby girl Arielle but my boyfriend didn't ( little mermaid complex) I wnated Anna for the middle name after my mother who pa__sed. So I combined them into one name Arianna and as the middle name we chose Leilani which is HAwaiian for heavenly child. My boyfriend is HAwaiian and I wanted to include his culture since she would be half hawaiian herself! No I am having a boy and I am thinking Noah Kai, or Elijah Kai


Lesley - November 12

They are just names I like. My partner said the names he wouldn't have and left me with a few names to choose from.


soleil - November 12

Well since I was younger I always liked the name Gisele and decided if I had a daughter I was going to name her Gisele Annette. BUTT a year before my daughter was born, my bf's brother's daughter was born and my boyfriend suggested the name and they liked it and ended up naming their daughter Annette Gisele. I was really upset because of this and when I was pregnant I really didn't like any other name. What ended up happening was that my bf commented on the name Ariana, he liked it because it had his parents name in it (Aris & Ana), and I liked it because of that,,,,,,,,, so we both agreed that would be her first name. I still really liked the name Gisele but my bf's niece name was that, but after I gave birth to my daughter I really didnt care, I was going to name her whatever I wanted to and I really liked that name and so her middle name became Gisele.


Samantha - November 12

I chose the first name and my fiance chose the middle name. Our first daughters name is Krystal Aeris. I liked Krystal because I thought its pretty name. My fiance picked Aeris because that name is from Final Fantasy game (he drove me crazy) Now we r pregnant with 2nd. I picked Ka__sandra as first name, and he picked Celes as middle ( of course, from Final Fantasy) =) I like these names tho.


Mommy - November 12

Zane is a subst_tute for Zeke because my brother had dibs on that, his middle name is in honor of my late grandpa, and Logan is actually the name my husband chose. (He named him after Wolverine from X-Men) and Micheal just went good with it. LOL Men can be such nerds. X-MEN AND STAR WARS. ANYONE THINK MOVIES INFLUENCE THEM TOO MUCH? J/K. :o)


TC - November 13

My husband really wanted the first born to have his initials, DOC. He always thought that it was really cool to have them so he figured his child might like it too. If we had a girl we would have named her Daniella Olivia. It would have been Danielle but my husband is from Jamaica and has an accent and when he or his family says it, it sounds like Daniel. We decided on Olivia bc that was the prettiest name that I could find that began with the letter O. Well, we found out that we were having a boy and named him Daniel Oneal. Daniel bc I love strong cla__sic names for boys and Oneal bc it was the nicest name I could find for the letter O. Also, Oneal is a very popular name in Jamaica.


Steven's Mom - November 13

We always knew if we had a boy his name would be Steven! My father pa__sed away in 1995 and that was his name. My husbands name is Carl,and I love his name so Steven Carl...


Kathryn - November 13

The day we found out we were having a boy, my dh and i sat down with a baby name book and flagged all the names that we liked. then we went back through and started putting names together. in about 30 min, we had our son's name picked out. we called our family and friends and told them we were having a boy and his name was Nathan Alexander. It was really easy for us because we like the same type of names.



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