How Did You Meet Your DH BF SO Etc

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sahmof3 - January 21

Just curious! I have known my DH my whole life. He's 7 years older than I am and his one sister was te main babysitter for my sibs and I... but if she was unavailable he would do it sometimes LOL. I never thought of him "that way" at all until after I came back from TX. (went to college there and then lived there for a year afterward). I mean before that I was a teen and he was so much older... but when I came back my parents had hired him to tutor my brother in math. So when I was over there I would see him a lot. One night he stayed and we had a really long conversation... eventually had another conversation, dated, yadda, yadda.......the rest is history!!


EricaG - January 21

This is a cute thread! I met my husband in high school. Hehe, we were band geeks. We met at band camp, I was a freshman and he was the drum major. We both played saxophone. I was always having a hard time with forgetting things and my saxophone was always breaking. He was always there to help me and fix things. It was a knight in shining armor/damsel in distress relationship at first.


sahmof3 - January 21

I was a band geek, too lol. Clarinet.


Rabbits07 - January 21

So, you married your childhood babysitter? EEEEWW!!!...LOL...just kidding. My dh is alot older than me, too. My parents had divorced and my dad had remarried and I went to live with him and his new wife when I was 16. . Anyways, she (my stepmom) had this thing about being scared of storms and we lived up on a mountain with an enormous view of the valley that the storms always came up through. It was awesome to watch one coming, but I guess terrifying if you are scared of them...... so everytime it would storm she would leave our house and go to her younger brother's house. For some reason she said she felt safer there. She always took me with her (for the company I guess). It seemed like it stormed all the time that summer so we spent practically the whole summer at his house. After spending all that time together and getting to know each other we ended up falling for each other. My mom didn't particularly care for it since he was 27, and my stepmom didn't really like it either, but my dad didn't care. So, here we are 17 years and bunches of babies later!


Rabbits07 - January 21

Hey, I was a band geek too...clarinet as well!


Lisastar9 - January 21

I met my dh in the same apartment building in which we lived in . He lived in an apartment on the floor above mine. A mutural friend of mine was friends with him,haha I got to marry him, She was jealious.


Emmie - January 21

I knew my husband all my life-our parents were friends but we werent close until we went to college. We went to the same college and started dating and soon afterwards we got married. Pretty regular boy meets girl story.


SonyaM - January 21

Cute thread. I have a very good story. I was previously engaged when i was a sophmore in college. (BIG MISTAKE) Anywhoo my parents said that they couldn't pay for the dorm, college and the wedding so I agreed to move home and go to community college until the wedding. My dorm roommate also moved home for similar reasons. The day I moved home my then fiance broke up with me. Ironically my roommate and her bf split too. She however went back to the college we can frome. I didn't think about it and stayed at home going to community college. This is where I met my dh. For me, it was "love" at first sight. He was dating his high school sweetheart at the time but the quickly broke up and we began dating. He ended up going away to a big college for about 1. 5hours but in the end came home to be with me. We have been together ever since. In total that was 12 years ago.


mandee25 - January 21

I met my husband at work 5 years ago. We still both work at the same place. It's nice to see each other that much and travel together too.


britt_m - January 21

What a good idea. I was in the navy and my DH was/is a marine and we met while we were both still in a training command (same cla__s.) It was so far from love at first site. I was the only girl and the only aircrew so of course I got messed with the most, shaved arm, questions they knew I didn't know, I had to sing the aircrew creed, oh so and so must like you kinda things. Finally I'd seen him outta cla__s and he asked for a ride to the store, we just hung out after and so it began. I ended up getting out of the navy, getting married to him and here we are baby on the way : ).


punkin01 - January 21

this is real cute!!! i had a friend diana and we hung out alot and one day she told me bout this guy she met online that lived in the next city from us and she was going on a date with him......i was very worried for her but she went and her and the guy didn't hit it off so well (romantically)so they talked and became friends and over about a year he moved she moved and they lost touch well about a year later there was 4 of us "girls" planning a girls nite out thing then amy got a date and so did tara so dianna and i was like f___ yall we planed this to be girls nite well then tara told dianna that she was talking to this guy she met online and he sounded perfect for her so they emailed for a while and talked on the phone and when they decided to meet for a date she realized it was william the guy she didnt hit it off so well with before but the laughed and said lets go have a good time anyway...well this time sparks flew and she invited him to the girls nite out thing so i was left w/o a date and i told them yall go on and have fun but they felt so bad nite dianna was talking with william on the phone and heard a guy talking in the background and asked who is that he said kenneth and she inquired more bout him and decided to hook us up well i said no and so did he then finally we both agreed and said we wanted to talk and meet first before the "girls nite out " well we talked several times and decided to have lunch one day at a local resturant and it was "love at first sight" we married less than a year later and have a beatiful DD and a DS on the way and every year on the day we had our first date we meet and have lunch at the same place speaking of it is 2 saturdays away and i love him so much!!!!!!!!!


mcatherine - January 21

Everyone has such great stories!!! I met my husband on Friday the 13th in an airport bar. He was flying to Mexico (with his girlfriend) from PA and I was flying home to GA from Las Vegas. The attraction was instant, but we only exchanged emails due to his gf. But he broke up with her shortly after the trip - we talked via email for a few months until he flew to Jacksonville for a business trip (which I later learned was a lie - just an excuse to see me again). We met for a drink, fell in love - dated long distance for 3 years. Then I moved to PA and we got married less than a year later.


Brittany - January 21

I met my hubby (well VERY soon to be, its just easier calling him hubby) when we were 16. My THEN boyfriend applied to a movie theatre and of course I had to apply too because I wanted to work with him. Well, I got the job and he didn't LOL, my ex was mad that he didn't get the job because he really wanted it (turns out the managers were only accepting females since there were already a bunch of guys working there kinda freaky lol) Anyways, I met my hubby, dumped my ex and we've been together ever since. I have since thanked my ex for applying to the movie theatre...I know mean mean mean me lol whatever, it led me to my hubby and now our two kids. Funny how things turn out!


Deirdra - January 21

My DH lived across the street from me and actually worked for my dad when he was managing for a radioshack. but then we lost touch and the summer of 2005 we started talking agian and then started dating then got preganant and then got


krnj - January 21

My husband was a blind date believe it or not! One day I was over at my cousins house complaining about dating. He said, well I have this friend. So I agreed to meet him and the rest is history.


missy - January 21

I have been with my dh for 13 years!! We met when I was 15 at a camp site that my parents had in Indiana--we live in Cincinnati Ohio, and it turned out we only lived about 10 minutes away from each other. He is my soul mate!!!


Kara H. - January 21

God this is embarra__sing, but I will tell you since it won't be the first embarra__sing thing I shared. I had met my hubby originally on a blind that my friend had set up when I was broke up (again) from my long time on again-off again boyfriend because of him cheating with an old girlfriend. There was definitely s_xual tention between us, but we didn't even kiss that night. Hubby had a reputation as a "bad boy" which of course I liked. Turns out he knew my boyfriend and they had a name calling shoving incident the summer before while playing basket ball at the park. Of course old boyfriend had back down since he was a big wimp. Hubby and I talked on and off, but eventually I got back together old boyfriend (yes, I was a stupid girl). A few months later, I realized that when old boyfriend "chose me" I didn't really win anything. I decided that breaking up with him just wasn't good enough and that he needed a taste of his own medicine. So I called up hubby and asked him out on a date. I had never had casual s_x before, but he seem like just the right candiditate (badboy ladies man should be a gaurantee shag)! So we go out and I put the moves on him and...he turns me down flat! He said that I was different than the other girls and that he thought we could have something special so he wasn't going to screw it up by going to fast. He said when I was ready to dump old boyfriend for good, give him a call because he would love have a nice slow courtship (yep he said courtship) with me. I was floored. I was mad. I had painted on cleavage for nothing!! A couple of weeks later, I had enough of old boyfriend and dumped him for good. And I did not call hubby. Pride I suppose. I made him call me when the word got around about our breakup We started dating a few weeks later. That was 10 year ago. And no I never have had casual s_x. Guess I'm still a good girl, huh?



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