How Did You Pick Your Screen Name

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Rhiannon - January 21

Just curious. Sometimes I see names and wonder where they came from. Sometimes it is very obvious. I use my real name because it is not common. So, how did you come up with yours?


krc - January 21

my initials !


vonzo - January 21

My name's Siobhan (Shivon) but everyone calls me von or vonzo.


Nerdy Girl - January 21

It is a long standing joke among friends what big nerds dh and I are. We even have the word NERDS on our license plate.


sahmof3 - January 21

sahmof3= stay-at-home mom of 3 kids


mcatherine - January 21

My name - Mary Catherine.


Lisastar9 - January 21

Lisa is my real name star9 is from my sister,but She uses the real star,the other reason Lisa was aleady taken,this is a question I kept thinking of asking for weeks now.


pinkbo0tlace - January 21

pinkbo0tlace - just a screen name I thought was cute and original that I use for everything else also.


pinkrox87 - January 21

i love the colour pink! and 87 is my birth year.


torbman - January 21

I use this name cause its my hubbys nickname . With my brain, lol, its just easier to have everything one name and one pa__sword. My name is Tamara. :)


krnj - January 21

My name is Karen, dh is Ray and we live in NJ.


eclipse - January 21

It is a nickname because I have one eye that is half blue, half hazel, and I can completely switch moods sometimes when properly motivated :)


shelly - January 21

mine is just my name shelly,very boring i know,lol about the license plate nerdy girl.


San - January 21

My name is Sandra. Boring too, lol.


ssmith - January 21

I wish I had been a bit more creative with mine. My last name is Smith....about as plain as you can get.....and my first name is Sarah.


boolie79 - January 21

my name is julie.. my best friend always calls me boolie and i was born in 1979....


ry - January 21

My name is Ryan, and everyone always a__sumes I am a man (which would be kind of creepy on this site) so i just put my nn "ry"



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