How Did You Pick Your Screen Name

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ry - January 21

My name is Ryan, and everyone always a__sumes I am a man (which would be kind of creepy on this site) so i just put my nn "ry"


Erin1979 - January 21

I'm boring too. My name is Erin, born in 1979!! Woohoo!


EMBERBABY - January 21

My baby was born in September so I dropped the "S" leaving it as emberbaby.


SuzieQ - January 21

my name is susan, and I used to always be called SuzieQ when i was little - not too exciting either :)


Rabbits07 - January 21

Rabbit is the nickname my dh gave me not long after we got married.....I was preggo with #2 at that time. At that time it really wasn't the amount of kids that we had that he called me that, but the fact that I had gotten pregnant with #1 the very first time we were intimate, then he went away to Saudi for almost a year and after he came back I got preggo with #2 the very first time we were intimate. He made the joke one day that we multiplied like rabbits and the name kind of stuck on me. Everyone on dh's side of the family calls me Rabbit. I know when dh is mad at me because he uses my real name instead of calling me The 07 came from the fact that I've been preg 7 times. It seems like I tried to register with just Rabbits7, but I'm thinking that it said it was taken.....never seen anyone on here with that name though.


bbelmore - January 21

bbelmore= bree belmore. Plain and simple!


CyndiG - January 21

My name is Cyndi Gentry. We call my older dd Morgan-G. Don't know why, I just always have. So I'm CyndiG.


ash2 - January 21

My name is ashley and i have 2 children ..... so " ash2 "


sophandbob - January 21

Mine is my nickname (just my name shortened) and the name we called tristan when I was pregnant. We referred to him as that all the time, and thought we'd have probs calling him tris when he was born instead of bob, but the name went. I often think about reregistering again as sophandtris but don't want to give up the memory of bob.


Beks37 - January 21

My name Becky and the date March 7 when my dh and I got together years ago.


Steph - January 21

Steph, for Stephanie....It's because I'm too lazy to type in my entire name! ;o) Happy birthday Erynn21!


eliz24 - January 21

eliz=elizabeth(my middle name) and 24 is how old I am


Anne - January 21

Anne, my boring!! I have to many screen names, id's & pa__swords that I'm beginning to have a hard time remembering who I, so this makes it easy!


krc - January 21

I must admit I got a kick out of reading everyones responses. Some of them are common sense but some are fun to know. For example..bbelmore...I always wondered what that stood for! And I laughed at rabbits' reason for being called that!!! Im going to bed soon and this thread put a smile on my face!


krc - January 21

b the way.. my name is Kelly Renee C**** !!!!


Mingill - January 22

Mine is simple, it's part of my name and part of my last name. My full name is Sharminder, but everyone calls me Mindy.



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