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Kristina - January 12

Hey ladies/gents. Just thought maybe we could all share our stories about how we told our families when we were pregnant. I was 18 when I got pregnant so it was kind of scary for me to tell my family...but here is how the following conversations went: Telling Mom: "Hey mom...I have to talk to you about something..." "What? You're pregnant?" "What?? How did you know!!" "ahahahahahahaha" "Why are you laughing! Stop it! STOP LAUGHING!!" "ahahahahahahaha" "Mom! Don't make me hang up on you!" "ahahaha...I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!! haha! I'm gonna be a hot grammie! wooo! ahahahaha" "Mom...You're so weird!!" Telling Dad: "" "what??" "umm..I have to tell you something..." "Well??? What is it?!?! WHAT??" "umm...well...I....uh...You're going to be a grandpa!" "....oh...........ok...." "Ok???? What do you mean OK?!" "uh....ok...uh...Congratulations?!?!" "umm...thanks..." Telling my older brother Steve(21 years old) "Hey Uncle Steve" "What?! Don't call me Uncle!!" "But you are going to be one!!" "...oh...I...uh..don't know what to say.." "Yeah I know it's weird!" "Yeah..I always thought Travis was too young to have kids..." Telling my little brother Travis(14 years old) "Guess what!" "What?" "You're going to be an uncle!" "Does this mean.........." "Does this mean what??" "Does this!?!!" "...Well....yeah..." "EWWW GROSS!! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!! THAT IS SO SICK!!!" "Oh come on...Jeremy and I live together...we sleep in the same bed! Don't be so naive!" "EEWWW!!!! I SO DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW THAT!!! NASTY!!!!!!! EEEWW!! EEEEEEEEEEEWWWW!!!!!!" "Omg Travis...Get over it!" "....Hey! Does this mean you are going to eat meat again? You always said you would when you got pregnant some day!" "Well yeah...I will" "SWEET!! EAT A PIG FIRST!! A PIGGY!! MUAH HAH HA!!" "TRAV! Don't put it like that please!!" "Fine...Well the ps2 is calling my name..later!" There you have it..the 4 most important family members haha. Also gives you a glance at just how weird my family is! =) Can't wait to hear some other stories!


Kristina - January 12

hmm I don't know why all those dashes appeared =(


Kristina - January 12

"&q-uot;" I don't know where that came from but it was suppossed to be " Why did it mess up so much =( Eh whatever, you get the point lol


Kelly K - January 12

I actually called my mom in tears crying "This one didn't turn out negative". I was in hysterics. I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant and my daughter was definitely a miracle. I then called my bf (now hubby) and asked if he was sitting down. Told him and he was thrilled to death. I thought he was gonna cry along with me.


Christy - January 12

My story is boring. I remember telling both sets of parents after the hpt and my mom being very insistant that I not tell anyone because it may be a false positive and/or I may miscarry. Once I got confirmation, she was excited, but my dad didn't get it. I showed him the US pic from the 6 week appointment and he was like, "What is this?" I said, "Your future grandchild." and he was like, "So you're really pregnant?" and I said, "Yeah, why do you think I've been telling you that I'm pregnant?" He was suprised because it took so much longer to verify a pregnancy back in the day and he ddn't realize that the hpt I took and blood test done at the hospital were so accurate. LOL!


Jamie - January 12

Well, I'm in Germany and my whole family is in the U.S. Brent had been telling me for about a month that I was pregnant, so I finally agreed to take a test just to shut him up. Well - the test was positive. I freaked, and made him go buy me a second one. That one was positive, too, so I called my stepmom, and asked her if she'd ever gotten a false positive with that particular brand of test, or heard of anyone who had - she said no, and asked why I wanted to know - my response was "well, do you think you and Dad could fly to Germany around August or September?" (It was New Year's Eve) - Lynn was like...why? Cause you're gonna be a grandma which point she started bawling and my dad got on the phone and wanted to know what was up. So, I told him, and he started laughing...then I got off the phone with them, and called my mom; she asked me what was up, I said the same thing - can you come to Germany in August or September? And that was that.


Ginger - January 12

It was at Christmas when I told my family last year. I took a scene from I think it was Sixteen Candles (or one of those). Hey...I'm pregnant...pa__s the potatoes!


The real Lissi - January 12

I didn't want to tell anyone until I was over 3 months, but we were having dinner with my parents, and my mum questioned why I wouldn't drink any wine. I don't know how, but I think she suspected it and kept on asking about the wine and looking at me kind of funny. So, I cracked and told them! I was about 6 weeks.


Eryn @ MN - January 12

Well ours wasen't planned so we didn't know how the reponse would go ( we're not married but living together for three years) But everyone was excited. One neat way Someone told me about was to put the ultersound picture in a farme and wrap it then give it to your parents as a gift. I wish I would have been more creative. I just flat out told them. Just Boring!


Shannon - January 12

i was very nervous about telling anyone since i wasn't married or anything. but when i told my mom she was like "oh, and you're keeping it?" "Of course mom!!!" "ok, ok, just checking. well, i was about your age when i got pregnant with you" she loves babies so she was actually pretty cool about the whole thing.


Becky - January 12

We told my mom she was going to be a grandma, and she seriously looked at me and said, "Who?" I only have one brother, and if his wife were pregnant, I wouldn't be the one telling my mom. She just looked really confused for a second...I swear she was thinking "Do I have another kid I don't know about?" But then she got it. I guess we had done a pretty good job at convincing her it would be several years down the road. We told my best friend over dinner at Olive Garden just as she took a bite of salad, and my husband thought she was going to shoot the salad right out of her mouth. Apparently she didn't have a clue, either.


Kristina - January 12

Aww Channy your story is sad....but I am glad everything is going great for you! I just don't understand how a man can be a father to a child and not even care...not even want to see his own flesh and blood! It saddens me!


Kristina - January 12

Channy: Damn girl...if I was you I'd be going after child support! Even if I didn't need it...Just to be an evil wench!! Take him to the courts for as much as you can get!! I know, I am a witch! haha


Channy - January 12

I can't'...well i can..but i dont want to because than his parents will take her anytime they want and I dont want that..I wants NOTHING to do with them since they are being a__ses to me. i obviously told my lawyer that she may not be his..and than i havent heard from their lawyer since pretty much they backed off..i hope for good.we've been fighting for a year..2 years now! its just doesnt stop! we're both 18s and wont quit.


Kristina - January 12

oh...So his parents were trying to get her all the time and you didn't want that?? I don't blame you if they are being b1tches to you


Channy - January 12

Oh yah..and i did went after his money..but gues what! he only gave me 150 for 3, i dont want that..i gave it back to my lawyer and he gave it back to nathan and his lawyer..150 for 3 months?! screw that! i should be having 150 each months..from may til i should have $1350.00 for that all tho months he missed..but than again. him and his rents are greedy..selfish b___ds who doesnt wanna give me money for kyla's needs/wants.


Kristina - January 12

That is so harsh!! I know there is alot of people like that out there..and I just can't understand it! How can you NOT want to see your own baby?!?!



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