How Did You Wean From The Boobie

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bbelmore - February 25

James will be one in just over a month, and I feel it is almost time to wean. I wanted to know from those who have already weaned from the br___t if you took it one feed at a time or did it cold turkey....James is so attached to the br___t (he thinks it is "his") that I am thinking the only way will be cold turkey...just wondering the pros and cons of both methods. Thanks!


Emmie - February 25

Ive wondered the same thing. My son is 10 months old and his favorite thing in the world is nursing. My dh loves to mess with him and touches my b___b to see my son push it away or fuss at him. It is cute but I wonder about weaning time. My son will not take a bottle at all. I plan on doing it slowly and giving him milk in a sippy cup once a day for a while in place of the b___b and increasing it every week or so. I am interested in other peoples answers also.


ash2 - February 25

I nursed untill DH was about 4 months old. I think the peds say that after a year old than they really dont need it as much because of the nutrients they are getting from food. Just like the formula. After a year they get all the nutrients they need from vegetables and fruits and meats...


Mellissa - February 25

with my daughter i stopped nursing around 8 months. what i did was started giving her formula in a sippy cup during the day, and only did one feeding at night for a while. then eventually i realized it wasn't nursing that got dd to sleep, it was sucking.. so i gave in and gave her a pacifier. i tried stopping cold turkey, but my b___bs got so engorged it was just too painful. i think for your benefit, slower is better... but that's just my opinion. there are tricks for fighting engorgement, though, if you do decide to stop cold-turkey.


ash2 - February 25

BTW you could start pumping while you are " drying " yourself up from b___st milk.


Topaz - February 25

I'm thinking about weaning dd soon too. She is 12 months old. I asked the ped. about it and she suggested to stop one daytime feeding and subst_tute milk and go on from there. Dd definitely likes to nurse still. I don't think taking away the daytime feedings will be hard. I just can't see myself getting her to sleep without nursing her at night. I think that will be the tough one.


3babies - February 26

It really depends on whether they have a routine or just on demand. If they use it to sooth or sleep then you may have more of a fight on your hands. With my other two I finished feeding them at 12 months, both times by gradually dropping one feed at a time. For the last month they were only down to one morning feed anyway. They had milk from a cup throughout the day or water. Abbey is 7 months and down to 4 feeds at the moment. In another month I will drop the afternoon one so she is having morning lunch and before bed. After that I will drop the lunch then the bedtime. She doesnt use the bedtime one to go to sleep but I like that time with her. With the boys I dropped that one earlier so they didnt depend on it for sleep. Good luck. The key is consistency, if you decide to drop one feed you need to stick with it even if he plays up about it. I have found at that age they are easily distracted with something else though. Slower will definitely be easier on your b___bs though!



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