How Do I Get My Baby To Eat Table Food

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nino3 - December 3

Hi, my son just turned a year old. I have been trying everything to transition him from gerbers to table food. I cook everything even mashed potatoes and he will take a few bites and then just spit it out and then i open a jar of gerber and give it to him because i am scared he is not getting enough nutrition. I also stopped giving him formula and he only drinks regular milk. Please help.


krc - December 3

How about saving the jars and putting what you cook for dinner in them. Start out mashing things up and little by little mash them less and less to get him used to texture. Also with my son, those gerber graduates trays were a success for awhile. But at one year old it's normal for them to experiment with food, if anythings he thinks it's new and exciting, just keep on trying, and also lots of day he'll catch on , LOL ! gOOD LUCK


jenna32 - December 3

i wish i knew. All i have heard is that if they don't eat it then don't force them and give them nothing.That no child will starve themselves. It seems kind of cruel for my parenting style so i don't like it. They'd rather play all day. dd doesn't eat all her meals and i hate it because she sleeps better on more.


Malica - December 4

Don't be surprised if your little one's tastes seem to change radically when introducing table foods. Our DD used to LOVE carrots and other yellow veggies as jarred baby food but will have nothing to do with the real thing no matter how it's prepared or how many times we tried. So try other things instead. DD is nearly 15 months and still gets her veggies from a jar, but she loves crackers, bread, cheese, all sorts of fruits and meats.


Seredetia - December 6

I used to do kind of what krc suggested. I would take a portion of our dinner and blend it up. Her favorite was when I blended meatloaf with some brussel sprouts. It took her a long time to want anything we were eating. Maybe try some healthy, soft snacks, cheeses, bread, canned/jarred fruit, bananas, etc. At a year, he should be able to handle small pieces of these soft foods. Try a little at a time and see how it goes. :) Then move on to actual meals.


tish212 - December 9

I am not sure if you are still reading this, however a child shows when they are ready for table foods, by showing keen interest in what you are eating. If your child isn't showing interest in what you are eating then he isn't ready to start yet (meaning he isn't interested in your food but perfers his own) I have just recently started my DD on the gerber graduates entrees (she however does eat table food) and she loves them. They taste similar to our food, but simple enough to taste like jarred baby food, (hard to explain it wont gag you to eat it like some baby foods, but not so full of spices and whatnot to be too compex for your child) I know that jarred foods can get costly however if you are using the dinner ones (like vegetable beef or turkey) then your child is getting their full nutrition. Like stated already, start small with crackers or gerber puffs, teach your lil one to feed themselves small finger things, we have let DD feed herself rice (now it was messy but she had a blast hand feeding herself and she ate and ate) We also let her feed herself small veggie pieces and fruits...we tried to make it fun like shes a big girl, she loves to imitate us, when i am on the phone she tries to talk on her phone or when i am using the computer she comes over and copies me, so eating is similar, we all eat together and try to eat foods that look similar to what she is eating (hubby doesnt like veggies but he can pretend to eat them) we also let her try to feed herself with a spoon, i put a small bit of food on the spoon and let her put it in her mouth so she could feed herself, this led to her wanting to feed herself food like we are eating, so we put a small bit of food on her baby fork or spoon and let her feed herself. She also loves when we let her take bites from an adult sized fork, because it means she is more like us. I know this is going on and on but these are all the ways we got DD into table food. However we didn't start this until she showed true interest in what we were eating. Make sure your son eats every meal with you, that way you can watch for ques as to when he wants to try what you are eating. Good luck (and DD is turning 1 in 9 days just so you are aware of her age)



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