How Do I Get My Baby To Realize It Is Bed Time Not Nap Time

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shanb - October 4

My baby was regularly going to bed between 7 and 8. She would wake up for feeding during the night but would go to bed early and stay there. About a month ago, she decided she would "nap" when I first put her to bed. Now, most days she "naps" for an hour when I first put her down for the night. She then gets up and can stay up from anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. How can I get her to realize that it is her bedtime and keep her down for the night? By the way, we do the same bedtime routine every night - bath, massage, and bottle. I have also tried cutting out her last nap of the day and putting her to bed at an earlier time. I tried to let her cio but didn't have the heart to let her go more than 25 minutes. I need help as I am getting really frustrated.


mommybabyboy21 - October 5

when she wakes up go in...try not turning on any lights or as little light as possible. get her to stop crying if she is...then lay her down and pat her gentile and quietly say its time to stay asleep. Also try to get to her before she wines herself up too much. ie if she is fully awake it will take you longer to get her back to sleep. That is what I do with my little man.


iemc19 - October 5

Also - I wouldn't let them nap in a darkened room so they become aware of the difference..


lin7604 - October 5

i think it is just a phase, my ds used to do this too between 3-6 months and out grew it. he used to be up for 2-3 hrs at that time and i would always make sure he was up closer to the 3 hrs before bed so he would be really tired but not overtired and it made no difference. I one week experimneted and let him stay up a lot longer to see and the next put him down at the 2 hr mark and no difference. I couldn't figure it out at all. So what i was doing was letting him cry up to 5 min then going in and giving him a soother and if he was still up set i would re feed him his bedtime bottle but i wouldn't pick him up. this way he knew it was bedtime and time to sleep. most of the time he would chug back another bottle and then be down until his scheduled wake up time. SO i gather it was mosr due to the fact that his belly wan't full enough to sleep a long peroid.


shanb - October 5

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I am hoping it is just a phase she grows out of. It seems that slowly she is moving her bed time back to a normal hour. The last two nights she has gone back down at 9:30 pm. The problem with not picking her up is that she doesn't stop crying unless I pick her up. She doesn't take a soother so I can't use that. Also, if I pick her up just long enough for her to stop crying and then put her back in bed, she cries even harder. I have just been letting her stay up and every 20 minutes or so I put her back in her crib to see if she will go back to bed.



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