How Do U Socialize Ur Baby

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goldfish - August 23

we recently moved to a new place and we have a new baby. I want my baby to have new friends. What are play days?. How do you find friends your babies age whom he /she can play with . like you can go visit and call them home and play kind of a thing . it will be a good


mjvdec01 - August 24

I think you mean "play dates". Do you have a YMCA family gym there? If you do then I would get a membership and enroll your little one in some parent-child cla__ses. That way you could meet some more moms with young children. We have a local YMCA where I live and I love it there. Go to YMCA dot net, to see if there is one in your area.


goldfish - August 26

oh thanks mjvdec01 i searched for ymca near by and there is one very close to where i live . isnt the parent child cla__s for 1+ yr old kids?. iam baby is just 4 months old. are there any other clubs or event where we can take the baby ??


stefkay - August 26

I know our hospital has what are called "mommy and me" groups and they are mothers with children who are the same ages and they meet like once a month or something like that. Many of the groups start as soon as the babies are born and become close friends that stay in touch throughout the child's first years and on into school. I'd check with the local hospitals and ask about their education cla__ses. Ours our through the women's center at the hospital I delivered at.


goldfish - August 27

thats a good idea stefkay. I need to findout where I can find clubs like u said . I make a call to the hospital where i delivered .


mjvdec01 - August 31

Our Y has parent child cla__ses for infants as well, but it is also the largest Y in washington state, so we have a ton of programs to chose from. I would go take a tour and see exactly what they offer.


ACG - September 1

You might try meetupdotcom. I live in Austin, TX, and there's a group on there called "south austin fun moms." It's great b/c I can look at their calendar and rsvp for things like play dates and stroller walks. I've met some great moms that way. There might be one on meetup for your area.


mjvdec01 - September 2

ACG, that was a great suggestion. I just checked my area and there are several. I had no idea they even existed. I inquired about two of them and am waiting to hear back.


jenna32 - September 4

if you are in canada, i think there are some baby early years centres, i want to do that, although haven't been yet. If you are a stay at home mom, you could offer to watch another little one's child part time either the swapping babysitting idea or you can get paid a little extra to. You can take walks to the playgrounds,go to the mall ( people always notice a baby in a public place!).



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