How Do You Babies Wake Up

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Felisha - January 24

I am just curious iof how your babies wake up? do the moan andgrunt for awhile or do they stretch for a while or do the just before they cry for you to get them and slowly transition back into awakness. do they whine. things like that.


shelly - January 24

hi felisha, my ds used to moan and whinge for milk when he was at bit younger, now at 6 months he wakes happy and babbling, how does yours wake.


apr - January 24

mine used to wake up crying too. hes 5 months now and wakes up all happy : ) i love it


Rabbits07 - January 24

Mason always wakes up smiling from ear to ear.


Emily - January 24

Marcy wakes up slowly, streches and changes postions a lot. Then most of the time she will lay in her criba nd talk to herself until you get her. Sometimes though if we don’t get to her soon, she will start ot fuss, just to let us know she is ready to get up. Once we get her, she is back to her smiling self


eclipse - January 24

Liam squirms, moans, and then lets out a blairing siren of sound if I don't get him. He is still young though, and the other day, I caught him just lying there, looking around. *sniff* my little boy is growing up...


cae - January 24

When Ethan was around 8 months he would pull himself up to a standing position and cry at the top of his lungs, "like get me out of this thing" Now at 12months, he wakes up, sits ups and plays with crib stuffed animals that linked around the crib rails, he will sit and play with them. After about 20minutes he then will start fussing.


sahmof3 - January 24

My youngest usually wakes up talking to himself, but lately he's had a few colds and such and he wakes up crying... well, screaming really. I can't wait until he goes back to waking up in babble mode!


mcatherine - January 24

My son wakes up talking. He'll stay there for an hour if we let him! When we go in - he's all smiles!! I love starting my day that way!!


drea - January 24

my dd stretches a lot, squirms a little, them babbles with her fist in her mouth. She also coos for a while and then when she;s had enough she whines a little and when I go into her room she's all smiles and giggles, its so cute. Then I say "good morning cookie" and she gets all excited


BriannasMummy - January 24

Hey. my little girl is only 6 weeks.. but when she wakes up she definatly starts out by moaning/grunting to say.. HEEEYYY I WANT FOOOD!!! If i dont get there fast enough.. it starts into a FAKE cry. I love her fake cry.. it makes me laugh!!! Once i get to her.. shes got the sweetest little smile! ~Kristin~


missy - January 24

Abigail always wakes up with a big old smile on her face!! Its my favorite part of the day. Sometimes she wakes up talking --but always smiling!!!!


Erynn21 - January 24

My dd is 4.5 months and wakes up beaming, she smiles, laughs and is generally happy. She never has been much of a crier, she is a happy girl. When she was smaller she didn't even really cry she'd just stretch and coo, maybe grunt sometimes.


bchflwr - January 24

Hunter wakes up happy. He will lay in his crib talking. When we go in to get him he gives us the biggest smile! Like mcatherine it is the best way to start the day!


Shannah - January 24

Mine wakes up talking and smiling, it is the best greeting in the morning!


vonzo - January 24

Amber wriggles about and chats to herself untill i unwrap her blanket, then she gives me a great big grin then stretches her wee arms above her head and pulls a funny face.


Kara H. - January 24

Max coos a bit then starts "yelling" for me. Its not crying, it is this "AAaach!" sound he will make every minute or so that means "Hellooo? Where is everybody?" Then when I go in he is just smiling, squirming and kicking. Too cute!



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