How Do You Deal With Your Picky Eater

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ry - March 4

Hi guys! Dd has become quite the picky eater lately. All I can get her to eat is applesauce or her yo baby yofurt. She used to eat everything for me and now she wont eat anything. I usually relent after trying to offer her several different foods, trick her by mixing it with applesauce, etc and just give her yogurt. What would you do? Try to get them to eat waht you make and if they wont, oh well. Or would you keep doing what I am and try the food and if they refuse it just give them what they like and you know they'll eat? I dont want to "spoil" her and condone picky eating but I also dont want her to starve!


ry - March 5



Renea - March 5

Sorry, can't remember how old is your dd?


ry - March 5

dd is 11 months now :)


Renea - March 5

My ds is the same age and he has been doing the same thing this last week or so. He has good days and bad days. I am probably going to get bashed for this, but if he doesn't eat what I give him (and it is all stuff he has eaten before), I simply take him out of his chair and put him on the floor. After a little while, I will try again and repeat the process if necessary. If he gets hungry enough, he will eat.


luviduvi - March 5

My dd is 2 and a very picky eater. I give her a multi vitamin everyday. My ped says its normal and continue the multi. One thing I do is I make sure I make her good healthy food and offer it to her everyday. I can't force it down her throat so I am just waiting for the day to come were she can understand bribes...hehe


melissa g. - March 5

my dd is 12 months and a very picky eater as well, and i just try and go with what she feels like eating that day or that week. My ped said it was totally fine to "trick" them by mixing something they dont like into something they do, like pears or applesauce. and if she likes yogurt, well thats not so bad, i dont think! mine went thru a phase where that was all she would eat too. she still only eats a very small range of stuff. i posted many times on her pickiness and several people told me just to go with the flow and let her eat what she wants to eat -- she wont eat just yogurt forever! my ped said to keep introducing stuff b/c sometimes it takes the 15th try for them to like something! try hummus -- my dd loves it and i never thought she would like it but its pretty much all she wants to eat!



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