How Do You Do It W Two

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me - January 20

just found i'm preg again and my babies will be 13 months apart. will i need a double stroller now? what do you do when you go to the grocery store or any other store? so, for those of you that have your kids just months apart from me, do you have any suggestions?


me - January 20

i mean like me!!! silly me! sorry, my mind is all over the place!


FF - January 20

Hi and congratulations! I don't have two, my first is only 6 months and I plan on waiting awhile, but I just wanted to offer the suggestion that maybe your oldest could ride in the cart and your youngest could be in a sling/carrier when grocery shopping. That way your hands are free and both kids are safely nearby :) Hope you get some good advice from more experienced moms!


karine - January 20

Mine are 18month apart. My daughter is 3yrs ,5months. and my son is 2yrs, 2months. It can get pretty hard at times. i got pregnant when my daughter was just 9months old. The pregnancy alone was hard, as she was just an infant. But the hardest was her being only 18month when he was born, and trying to show her to share mommy and daddy and accept him. She turned 3 in july, and she is just starting to accept him. Iam 5months pregnant, and i fear my son may not accept this baby right away. i think that my daughter will love her new sister. As she knows their is a baby coming, and she kisses my tummy every night before bed. (so cute!) As for the double stroller, i had my son in nov. so i didnt use one, and when summer came...i just baught a two seater wagon. (life saver!) and i still use it. And i didnt go to the store, i would wait for hubby to come home and do shopping together. Iam just starting to being them to the store on my own. Its going to be challenging i can tell you that much, but its worth it....when they both walk and talk...its sooooo cute ! my kids look like twins a little and they are almost the same hight...whats fun about it, is that i dont have to worry about toys, activities age difference...they play with the same the same shows...


mom42 - January 20

Mine are 4 years apart, but I did the sling with the baby and my older daughter in the cart.


Mommy - January 20

Hi I have 2 that are 11 months apart. Words of advice: A double stroller will be a blessing, A Snugli or other infant carrier will save your life at the store if you can't find a sitter, Buy diapers in bulk because once your youngest gets older they may be able to share diapers (mine have been for the past 3 months or so), Save your old onesies and other clothes for your new one, and if you have the same gender it's cheaper to save all your clothes and shoes. That's all the advice I have at the moment but if I come across anymore I'll bump up this post. Goodluck and congrats on your new miracle!


HELLO - January 20

We all have different feet and our feet grow differently. Please do not reuse shoes as mommy has said. Good luck is all i can say to you. Try get lots of help and rest now and when baby 2 comes along. Encourage lots of help from husband when the second one comes along.


HELLO - January 20

Just realised this has happened to 'me,' Get your fix of the computer now because later you will have less time to do so.


me - January 20

to hello, do you have more than one child?


Mommy - January 20

Baby shoes are all made the same pretty much. If you put shoes on your little one before he/she starts walking there should not be anything wrong with reusing shoes. My youngest wears the shoes my oldest grew out of and because it was pre-walker age (meaning not standing up yet or walking) I don't see much of a problem. Me and my sister and mom can all share shoes and have never had a problem. Unless they are falling apart or dirty or something there shouldn't be anything hazardess about it. I'm talking from experience, Hello. I have 2 kids and my mom had 6 and being practically poor I have worn shoes my oldest sister grew out of and I'm fine.


Meredith - January 20

MIne are 2yrs9months apart. The oldest is a little jealous, but she wants to help out, too. She will bring me diapers, pacifier, etc. She tries to play with her sister, but little sis does not fully appreciate this. :-) I had a lot of talks with my first before the second came, to try to help her understand and adjust.


sian - January 20

My 2 daughters are 15mths apart. I have reused the clothes/shoes from my 1st also.i agree the easiest thing for you to do while shopping is put the new baby in a sling while the other rides in the shopping trolley. I find the best stroller for me is the 3 wheelers that holds the toddler seat on front. I use this for my son (12wks) and my daughter who has just turned 2. This way when i dont have my daughter with me, just my son, i can take the toddler seat off and use it as just a single pram.


Kris10 - January 21

SIAN - who makes that stroller, and is there a certain name for that? It sounds perfect for us... and I have been looking at strollers for two.


KrYstaL - January 21

lol. my kids are two years apart. 2 years and 4 months and 4 months. i usually don't take them anywhere together unless i have dh with me. otherwise one will stay home.i just find it too difficult.


CEM - January 21

Definitely invest in a double stroller! I got the Peg Perego "Tender" model when I had my second, and still use it to this day.


sian - January 21

Kris10- The brand is Mother's choice. I live in Australia ( not sure where you are) but im pretty sure you guys should have them. There are lots of different brands of this style stroller. They are the 3 wheeler jogger or hiker (have different names for different brands) Sorry i couldnt be more help but all i know is Australia has tonnes!Will definetely say its the best thing ive bought so far, dont know how i'd manage with out it...Geez im beginning to sound like an advertis____nt!lol



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