How Do You Get Housework Done

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aprilmum - January 19

Just wondering what everyone else does to get their housework done. My son is 8.5 months. I manage to keep up with the laundry and keep the kitchen clean but that is about it!! He is just starting to crawl and now I am going to have to vacuum more, however, he is terrified of the vacuum. My husband leaves for work at 5:30am and does not get home until around 8:00, which is my sons bedtime. I feel like my son is forever sitting in his highchair or exersaucer already!! Between meals, feedings, diaper changes and his 20 minute naps, there is just no time. Any suggestions?!


ash2 - January 19

He only takes 20 min naps ? Wow, i feel sorry ! lol ...maybe when huby gets home he could take him for about 30 min. and you could plan a specific night during the week that DH puts him to bed ? Is doing it after DS goes to sleep out of the question ? I usually get mine done when DS naps. It doesnt get spotless, but it is not cluttered. When i really need to clean, DH takes him for a while ...


rl- - January 19

ok I work full time have 3 boys the youngest being 1yr my house is not nasty but it really is not spotless either and I am always behind on laundry LOL...seems i can never keep it clean no matter how hard I try!! LOL but I guess as long as I try that counts right!?


lexa - January 19

Housework???? What's that? LOL! It's very hard. Like ash said, I try to do it when dd takes naps. It's a juggle. I pick a room and work on it a little at a time. As for laundry...I hate it. I usually do that on the weekend when dh is home. That way he can help:-) Some days, only dinner gets done.


ash2 - January 19

Well if you put it that laundry stays piled up in my room ! DH has to look for his sock s EVERY morning because it takes so much to fold them !lol


sahmof3 - January 19

rl- Sounds like our houses are about the same lol. I just try to run after the kiddos as much as possible picking up after them. My oldest is in kindergarten, but only for 3 hours a morning... the rest of the time there's a 6 1/2 yo, a 3 yo and an 18 month old tearing it up all day long. I can't get ANY of the cleaning done during the day, even though I'm a sahm. It basically has to wait until about 11:30pm-midnight lol.


sahmof3 - January 19

Shoot... it's 11:38pm... well, guess it's not getting done tonight ;-)


sahmof3 - January 19

... keep thinking of things. My oldest son does the laundry and vacuuming... there's an advantage to older kids! I sort and bring it downstairs... he does the rest up to the folding!


lexa - January 19

UGH...SOCKS! I absolutely hate putting socks together! I leave those until dh and son complain they need them. My son likes to try to help. He will run the vacuum in the kitchen and tries to help with laundry....and then asks "how much is it worth", LOL! There's the "disadvantage" of having an older child:-) Always trying to earn a buck...or two. Oh well.


aurorabunny - January 20

My ds is 6 months old and I strap him into his bouncy chair and move him from room to room with me when I clean. I just talk to him the whole time and explain what I'm doing (Mommy's putting the dishes in the dishwasher so they can get clean, etc). He seems to somhow be fascinated by it and I get my chores done. I am quite sure I'll miss these times when he is 14 and wants nothing to do with me...LOL.


vonzo - January 20

I have turned into a clean freak! Ever since i was 8 months pregnant everything has to be spotless, it's either nesting to the extreme or i have OCD :o) I just move my dd around with me in every room and do silly things to keep her amused whilst im cleaning or lie her on her play mat, or put her in her bumbo with a toy and she seems quite happy. I think she likes the change of scenery. Fair enough she's only 4 months so i would imagine the more mobile they get the harder it becomes! I'll have probably covered my entire house in shrink warp plastic by then so i can just wipe it clean....anyone have a spare laminator? LOL


hello - January 20

With difficulty, On my own with a 19 month old girl... I could do more when friends babysit etc but then i just rest actually or shop.... Was even thinking of getting a cleaner in to vac_m and clean as a once off to treat myself....with cooking, laundry, going out, and everything else involved the little things get missed. I actually dont mind when something is spilled cause then i have to mop... She stands with me while i clean the bathroom, clean the toilet when she is asleep or busy....its not the best ....i made a point of reading my exes email from his girlfriend.... another story and its worse to read that he will have her windows all clean and the apartment when she gets back while i struggle with his daughter trying to keep a clean place........... treat yourself once every few months to a cleaner.......... here its cheap and i know i deserve it,


amber508 - January 20

Nice to know I am not the only one struggling with kids and cleaning! I have a daughter who will be two in 4 days, and a daughter who is only a month old. It is such a struggle to get anything around here done, my husband works from 4pm to 6-7am and sleeps during the day so I never have any help. My 2 yr old has no interest in being upstairs with me while I clean, unless she is in the bathroom running the water in the sink and getting it everywhere ( A new found thing for her, bad thing? She doesnt know to turn it off and lets it run too long) All ya can do is do what you can without pulling out your hair. Good luck, we all need it for a while!!


aurorabunny - January 20

Vonzo---I am glad to read that someone else is as nuts as me, LOL. I am also a NEUROTIC cleaner and have only been that way since I was pregnant. I think my poor husband was hoping it would go away when I had ds, but alas, it seems like it's here to stay. If my house isn't spotless at all times I freak out. Not really a problem right now, but I'm sure when ds gets into the toddler years I'll have to be letting some of that go...


Brittany - January 20

I must be one in a million because cleaning to me is like time to myself lol. I usually wait until my 2 year old is sleeping/napping and if my 7 month old is awake, I'll put her on a blanket on the floor with toys or in her exersaucer and she'll watch me do dishes or dust furniture. I can get the laundry done while both kids are awake, I just do it while they're playing...laundry is actually therapeutic for me lol. When it's all folded and done, it feels soo good and if I'm in a bad mood, it makes me feel better, it's weird! My son helps me put dishes away so hes my little helper! Once I put the kids to bed is when I clean the bathroom and tub, then I get a shower so I'm not gross with germs and the cleaners on my clothes. We do live in an apartment so thats probably why it's easier for me to get things done but it is a big apartment, I'm a neat freak though, our landlord came over the other day and was amazed at how clean it was lol. Maybe make your own routine, it gets easier as time goes on. I also think that if you clean up ASAP when something is messy, it gets done faster like while I make dinner, I don't get a bunch of spoons out to stir things with, I just ONE spoon so it's less dishes and if someone gets toothpaste on the bathroom sink, they clean if off right then and there so it stays clean and I won't have to constantly clean it.


HannahBaby - January 20

I do my house work at night when the kids are sleeping. They sleep upstairs so its nothing to run the vacc_me while they are sleeping.


waiting100 - January 20

Can you get a house cleaner? I pay $120 every two weeks and it is heaven. I know alot of people cant afford it but if you can pinch those pennies and maybe give up something else--a house cleaner has made all the difference!!



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