How Do You Get You Re Lo To Eat With A Spoon Amp What Age Were

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ren05 - January 21

hi, my ds has just turned 1 & he can't feed himself using a spoon. he is great with finger foods but when i give him a spoon he just waves it around & throws it. i have put food on there then held it in his hand & put it in his mouth but he just wants to play with it. do i keep letting him stuff around or just feed him myself & wait till his a bit old were your lo's when they could feed themselves.thanks


jorden - January 21

Hi. My son seriously started at about 11 months. I know that sounds so early but he just did it. I was one to ALWAYS offer a spoon or fork(which ever one needed)at every meal. Then when he was about 11 1/2 months...he started uhhhh uhhh at the spoon and i just gave it to him like any other day and he did it!!!! And ever since then he got it and he's been doing GREAT ever since then and hes 18 months. My best friend has a 11 month old girl and shes always over my house and she'll put her in the high chair and let her feed herself(w her fingers) and i said "give her a spoon" and she said she doesnt need it she doesnt know how to use it and she does just fine with her hands. But you gotta offer it so they'll start sometime. BUT AS YOU KNOW...all kids are different. I would just offer him one. But it is so much easier to let them feed themselves. I give logan his diner and off i go( i can see him) and do my thing and he'll say mama when he's done! good luck!


ConnorsMommy - January 22

my ds is 1.. he'll sort of feed himself with a spoon. He'll take a few bites and then decide it'd be more fun to throw it (he throws everything). Usually, I let him try to feed himself before I start to feed him.. and then once he throws it, I tell him 'no' and that 'spoons are to eat with, not to play with' and then I'll feed him the rest of his food... I think he'll eventually get it, I'm in no rush ;) I'm still trying to get over the fact that he's 1! lol


jg - January 22

My son was about 15/16 months before he could really feed himself.....he is 19 months now and it is still a messy process if he self-feeds.


sahmof3 - January 22

Mine were somewhere around 14 months, but pretty messy until 2-ish.



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