How Do You Know If Your LO Needs A Earlier Bedtime

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lin7604 - February 15

how do you know? i have tried a few times lately to put ds to bed earlier as if his last nap has ended around 5 then bed would be around 7, and it would be to late to put for another nap, right? he does only sleep 45-50 min. but how can i get him to sleep later in the mornign then. he has been waking 5-6am. when if his nap ended around 6 then bed is around 8 and then i have no problem he wakes up at 7am. i gave him his soother and kept him in his room so he knew it wasn't time to get up but he was babbling away, wide awake.


jb - February 15

How old is he? My dd sleeps from 7pm until 8am. Since my dd was about 6 months old (maybe even earlier, I can't remember that far back!) we put her to bed at 7. Since about 7-8 months old she has been taking naps at 10 am (for about 2 hours) and then another one at 2 or 3 pm (for an hour). Sometimes her afternoon nap will be later....if we are out shopping or something. If she does take a later nap I will wake her up no later than 5pm (even if she went down at 430pm) so that she will sleep at night. Just remember that just because you may put them to bed earlier, it doesn't mean they will sleep later in the morning. As dumb as this sounds, I think they have a little alarm clock in their body and they just wake up at their 'usual' time. You know, it is kind of like us. Our bodies know to wake us up around the same time everyday. I hoep what I wrote made sense!


lin7604 - February 15

he's 16 weeks. bed is usually between 7:30 and 8:30 depending on when his last nap of the day was. tonight it looks like 8 pm. other wise if i don't give him that last nap he will be in bed around 6-6:30 and i did that yesterday and he was up at 5! i was hoping for a 7am wake up as he usually does but nope! that is why i am wondering if it is really true that they will still wake at their usual time.


jb - February 16

I tend to think they do. I am no expert though! How dark is his room? We always use to close dd's door just while we were up watching tv, then we would open it a bit when we went to bed (so we could her her if she cried). Well, a few times we forgot to open it and she actually slept longer tan usual! Maybe if you had some room darkening shades, closed the door that might make a difference. Also, do you go in right when he starts babbling? I always let my dd talk up a storm. I don't go in until the crying sounds like she is p__sed! Sometimes she will babble for an hour, sometime she will babble herself back to sleep! I guess it is worth a shot to let him talk for a while!


3babies - February 16

Hi lin I also agree, my middle son had a little 5 -5.30am alarm clock. We did CIO a bit because he would only be up for a little while then back to bed by which time my older one was up. If he is just babbling I would leave him. Abbey does the same and more often than not goes back to sleep! I should mention that whenever the middle one was sick or teething or whatever, he would revert to the 5.30am wake up for a few days ... he is still an early bird, but at the end of the day we cant complain ... sleeping all night is a blessing! .... Another thing, if you feed him at 5, treat it like it is night so quiet and in the dark and put him right back down again. They dont know it's day yet! good luck!


3babies - February 16

Sorry, just re-read the last line of your post ... 3 children ... the brain drain!


lin7604 - February 16

thanks evryone. i do treat his 5 am feeding like it's night, i always close the door, his room is very dark. i don't talk to him or anything and keep it quick. today he was up at 6:30 a little later then normal but i want him to program his internal awake time for 7:30, which is what it usually is. I am using that as the constant time. well today he didn't wake till 6:30, fed and was back in his crib for 6:50, he started to babble while i was burping him. once i puthim down he babbled on and off and just after 7 he started to fuss. I went in at 7:15 and gave him his soother hopefully to chill him until 7:30 and then i would start our day! well he fell back to sleep, and i won't let him sl;eep more then 1 hr till 8:30 and our whole day will be 1 hr off now but i guess we always have to be flexable. i just am trying to incoporate some ideas from the healthy sleep, happy baby book by dr weisslubluth ( sp?) and he states around 4 months that they should be having their 1st nap around 9-10 am every day, so his schedule is more predictable and his intrnal clock kicks in.



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