How Do You Know When Teething

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austinsmom - April 5

my baby is 3 months old and has just in the the last week started to drool lots and wants to chew on the nipple when I am feeding him.....he is sometimes fussy and will be quieted by me letting him chew on a little soft water filled toy....I have examined his gums and I do not see any teeth or any indication of teeth but I am a first time mom and what really do I know? is there anything I should be looking for or any indication I am unaware of? Thank you in advance for your replies.


corinne - April 5

He may not be teething but his gums still may hurt. My daughter was the same way. But didn't get her first tooth till she was 6 months. Amazing but yes their gums do sometimes hurt them even if they're not teething get some of that teething gel and rub it on his gums it well help out a lot.


mommabear - April 6

My dd is 11 weeks, and she also drools a lot. She sucks on her hands a lot, and pretty much anything that comes close to her mouth. I, however, never thought of attributing this to teething. What I thought was that she got hooked on to the pacifier her grandma gives her (I don't give her the pacifier unless we're in the car cause don't want her getting used to it), so she sucks on her hand in place of it because she finds the sucking sensation pleasureable. She's b___stfed, but does get the bottle a couple of times a week when I'm away, and she has played or chewed on the nipple since she was about 8 weeks, so I didn't even think about teething, cause I thought 2 wks was just too young. But now I'm curious about to the responses to this question.


erin - April 6

their gums will be a little swollen, you might see a little white on their gums if the tooth is about to break through...they will be constantly chewing on their hands...and they drool A LOT. my son started teething at about 3 months and got his first tooth at 5 months. wet washcloths help too (during the day).


Erin1979 - April 6

If you have your wisdom teeth you can relate to how your baby feels. The teeth do not just come in one swoop. The push up, then drop back, then push up again. It can take months for a tooth to break the gum. You my find in a week he is back to his old self, and will start the same pattern again in a few weeks. Once the tooth cuts the gum, the pressure is relieved, and he should feel better...but don't be surprized if you don't see a tooth for a few months still!! (I'm a dental hygienist if you have any other questions)


austinsmom - April 7

thanks for all your responses!!! I really appreciate the input and the tip about the gel for his gums and washcloth. I have wet a washcloth and cooled it in the fridge and he likes this better than the soft water toy...I am amazed that teeth can come in so early but I quess that is what it is cause he is happier with washcloth.......thanks again for your responses



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