How Do You Know When To Start Rice Cereal

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Kel - June 7

Hi, my ped told me my dd could start on rice cereal anywhere between 3 and 4 months. My dd will be 2 months on the 24 of this month. Of course, I don't want to start the cereal until she's ready for it, but how do you know when? Are there any signs I should be looking for in her eating habits that might tell me when she is ready? When you do start them, do you do like one serving a day?


bbm - June 7

my doctor suggested 2 tbs of rice cereal by spoon for my 9 week old who's now 13 lbs


Kel - June 7

opps = meant to say she'lll be 3 months on the 24th of this month.


bbm - June 7

Oh, ayou'll know when they want to drink over 8oz of formula every 2 hours or less!


pbj - June 7

If your LO starts eating more often and you're maxed out on ounces.


Selena - June 7

Well her is what I have read and been told by my pediatrician. Rice cereal can be started at 4 months old unless there is a reflux issue or you have a baby consuming more than 4ooz of formula day that is younger. Some of the signs to look for are wether or not your baby still has the tounge pushing reflex that makes them spit out all foreign substances/objects. Typically babies will see a steady increase in drooling from birth through about 4 months. Some where around ther many parents will notice that the drooling is less. This is because the baby has now learned how to swallow the excess saliva being produced instead of pushing it out. It is at this point that most babies are ready to try eatting solids from a spoon. I also noticed with my own DD that she began watching us eat with a lot more interest around 4 months old. Remember that rice cereal really isn't about nutrition, its about mastering the use of the spoon. To start mix 1 tbs spoon f cereal with 3 or 4 tbsp of formula or BM( It will be very runny). Do this twice a day. My pediatrician said when they can consistently eat 2tbs of mixed rice cereal twice a day they are ready to start veggies. Hope this helps!


krnj - June 7

Hi my ds is about 3 & 1/2 months and I started him on rice cereal. (My pedi said it's ok) so I put it in his bottle at night and seems to help him sleep better which is a plus!



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