How Do You Tell When Their Ready For Stage 2 Nipples

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jessb - May 29

I have asked this before but i still dont get it-maybe Im not so bright... Anyways my dd is almost 4 months. She is still using stage one nipples. Im scared to try stage 2 b/c in the past certain bottles stage one nipples were really too fast for her. Some times it seems like she gets fussy and frustrated while eating but Im not sure if it b/c its too slow or if its just b/c her nose is stuffy ( her nose has been stuffy since birth and the doc says not to worry about it). Sometimes she takes forever to eat a bottle and sometimes she gulps it down. How do I know when to switch???


Bonnie - May 29

There's really no set rule. Mason was on stage 3 nipples at 8 weeks! He would clear an 8 ounce bottle in under 20 minutes, lol. But he had a lot less gas. If they are sucking to hard they can get a lot more ga__sy if it's too slow. Personally, I would get all 3 types and just periodically try em out. If she chokes, it's too fast. If she drinks fine on stage 2 or 3 with no tummy ache sthan go for that. :)


krnj - May 30

Hi I just switched my 3 month old ds to the stage 2 nipples and what a big difference! He took forever to eat and now it's much better. I use the dr brown's bottles and I think they help with gas. You can always try them & if they're too fast you can switch back. Good luck! :)


Marlene - May 30

Try the stage 2 and see what happens. My son uses avent and since he's been using stage 2 he drinks the bottle a lot faster and doesnt get angry with me lol!!. Try it and if it doesnt work out go back.


nic nac - May 30

Hi Jessb, my dd is 5 months and i switched her to the stage two slow speed nipples at 4 months. just buy one pack of nipples and give it a shot. they won't go to waste because eventually she is going to use them.


Jmom - May 30

Funny that I see this now b/c I just came back from Target where I bought both stage 2 and 3 nipples. My ds is 11 weeks old, and last week I bought a pack of stage 2 nipples. he was doing great with them. So, I had to go buy more (could't keep rotating the only 4 stage 2 nipples I had) so I bought some more stage 2, but then thought- well, stage 3 says for 3mos +, so figured I'd try them in a few weeks.


AmandaManns - May 30

My son is 5 1/2 months old and is still on stage 1 nipples. He does not get frustrated at all while he is eating. He uses the playtex nurser bag bottles and it seems that the longer he takes to drink a bottle the more satisfied he is afterwards. I am just going to continue to use the stage 1 nipples for as long as he wants them. Also it does not matter to me how long he takes to eat because he can hold his own bottle now so he can go at his own pace.


Leslie_91 - June 1

My son was around 2/12 months when I noticed he was developing a 'nursing' blister after his bottles. I asked my ped about this and she said this is a clear sign of him sucking too hard. We started stage 2 and he hasn't had one since. Also, he does have a lot less gas since we switched. Good luck!



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