How Does Foster Care Work

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austinsmom - January 25

This is a super long story and I will try to shorten it down........My husbands cousin married a tramp....she has had 3 children lost custody of first 2 and only has her youngest because the father could care less. Well she is THE WORST mother I have ever had the misfortune to set eyes on and I will include my husbands cousin when I say they should never be allowed to have a child.....well dcs has gotten involved and basically it looks like this 2 yr old will be taken away and put into foster care. Memaw and papaw have had this child at their house now for a month without any visits from his mom or even a how de do from the mother. They really care about this child and I do as well since he does play with my lo. This child is absolutely heartwrenching......when I first met him he cowered and would not talk not a he says momma, aussy (for austin) no, and quite a few other one words. I have watched him slowly emerge from his little sh__l and it has been awesome. I want to know if one of us can apply for custody? It is also very important to me that if I were able to "apply" that the woman that calls herself his mom never be able to come over to my house cause she has caused WAY to many problems for people who have done nothing other than tell her what she did not want to hear. I know I can call someone but I want to know from yall how this works and any personal experience yall may have cause I do not want throw my family into turmoil without specifics that maybe the people at dcs will not tell me.


Danielle19 - January 25

well my friend got her baby taken away when he was 5 months old because she went to jail, and he went into foster care, then they told her that when she got out of jail and got a job she could have him back, well she kept messing up and the foster family is adopting him, the've had him for almost 2 years but the adoption won't be final until march, but once they do adopt the child it will be up to the adoptive family if they want the biological mother to beable to see him, so you could ask the childrens mother if she would allow you to adopt them, if they won't call dcs or go to there court hearings for the kids and let them know what you want done.


Danielle19 - January 25

oh i forgot if you know the judge that handles there case you can write him a letter and let him know all you know and what you want done


SonyaM - January 25

My sister and her partner are currently finishing their applicationf or foster to adopt. Basically I belive the parent has a set time limit to get their act together or their rights can be terminated. You can apply to be the foster parent with the intention of adopting the child. I would contact the case worker directly. The grandparents should have this information. Good luck and God bless you.


SonyaM - January 25

Sorry for the typos. Also we are in Texas and I believe the time limit here is 18 months before the parental rights can be terminated.


mcatherine - January 25

SonyaM is right. Call the case worker right away to let her know someone in the family is interested in applying for custody of this child. Temporary custody could be granted to a family member. Foster parents have to be willing to follow court orders - including visitation that may be granted to either parent, be it supervised or unsupervised and also allow visitation between siblings if someone asks the court for that as well. Call the case worker - I can't imagine that there is anything she won't tell you.


Kara H. - January 25

I used to date a guy who's family was a foster family. From what I remember, you have to go thru an application process which involves going to cla__ses and such. Once you are approved and the child is placed, there will be unannounced visits from socal workers from time to time to check on things, and there will be meetings and cla__ses to go to regularly. You do get "paid" a certain amount per day by the state. I have no idea what it is now, but it used to be like $20 a day for an older child and $13 dollars a day for a baby. (his mom used to pay me what she got paid for the day when I babysat). This family was extremely well off financially (crazy huge vacations once or twice a year - like the caman Islands or Africa), but they were given WIC and food stamps to provide for the children. Visitations were always handled by a social worker, whether they were supervised or unsupervised. She would meet the socal worker at a set place (like burger king) to hand the kid over to SW, than the SW would take the child to the parents. They usually try to keep your ident_ty concealed from the birth parents so they don't try to kidnap their child back. I


austinsmom - January 26

Thank you ladies for all this great information. Kara you kinda hit the nail on the head when you told me that our ident_ty would secret....I was very concerned that they would know the child was at my house and cause problems because that is how they are unfortunately. I cannot bear to think of that sweet child being sent to strangers after he has already had a hard life. I have also heard so many horror stories about foster parents I would hate for something to happen to him. I just want to make sure he is safe and happy because that poor child deserves safety and happiness and some kind of place he can call his. BUT I do not want the security of my own family unit or home compromised. "sigh" I have never even thought of something like this before but after having met this child.......This would be a big decision and after discussing this with hubby he really thinks they will find out whether through the agency or family that he is with us and though he cares as well he is afraid for us. I will keep thinking on the subject......Thanks again ladies.


Brandi - January 26

If you do get to keep the baby, if the mom gives you any problems, make sure to doc_ment every thing, times, place, phone calls, ect. I don't know if she could find out where the child is, but if you get temp. custody she can't just come take him, but you can use doc_mentation of harra__sment (if she tries, I mean) in court if adoption does become an option.



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