How Does Your Crib Mattress Hold Up

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mcatherine - January 12

We have a Sealy Baby Soft mattress (Classic), but it actually sags in the middle. My son, who will be 5 mos in a week, cannot roll over or turn while in his crib - he can't even roll onto his side he sinks so far in. I thought they were supposed to be firm? We rotate and flip the mattress, but he still seems to sink. Does this seem right? Should I replace it? Any reccomendations?


Nita_ - January 12

Our's is also sealy...can't remember the exact name though. We bought at babiesrus and it was the mid priced one. around 99$ I think. It doesn't sound right to have a mattress sagging in themiddle...Is the crib that could be the problem? I think our crib had rails(or wooden pieces that go across) at the bottom upon which the mattress rests. I never rotated my lo's mattress, should I? she's 6months old. hmmm..


mcatherine - January 12

We were rotating and flipping to try and stop the sag. I do it to my bed once a month, so that is where I got the idea from. We don't see any sag in the frame holding the mattress underneath, so I think it has to be the mattress. I want to say we paid only $70 - I knew we should have gotten a more expensive one!


cae - January 12

We also got a sealy one from babies r us. I am also, not sure of the exact name, but I have had no problems with it. It is firm and we have not rotated it, shoud I? Ethan will be 1 on Jan 26.


Shea - January 12

Ours is very firm also, but we did bump up to the more expensive one, mainly because my mom said boys are tougher on a mattress, jumping more, etc. (don't know if thats true, but she bought the matteress, lol)


Nita_ - January 12

Oh don't you hate it when that happens! i.e., you buy a less pricey one and then think back 'if I spent 20 more bucks I would gotten a better one. But I think we forget many a times when the cheaper ones work quite alright too! so sorry your bed is turning out to be this way! I would recommend replacing it unfortunately, esp since your baby is sinking so far into it that he can't roll! My dd spends a lot of time in the crib rolling from side to side, back to front, so am sure your son will love the new mattress!


Lisastar9 - January 12

In the mean time before you replace it try putting a board underneath the crib mattress .


mcatherine - January 12

Nita - I do hate it! It isn't even like we had a budget and had no choice - I just let my cheap, number-crunching hubs talk me into it, lol! cae - I rotate my mattress, but my husband and I weigh a lot more than our son!! If he sleeps in the same spot, it certainyl couldn't hurt. Supposed to make the life of the mattress longer....well, any mattress other than one I bought!


mcatherine - January 12

Lisastar9 - you mean just go to Home Depot and buy a board to put underneath it? I don't have any boards lying around, lol.


Nita_ - January 12

mcatherine--LOL! I think in my case, it's ME who's the cheap, number crunching spouse!! if it were left to my dh, he would buy the MOST expensive item on the shelf!! I think that way, we balance each other out (well sometimes! LOL!!


Nerdy Girl - January 12

I will have to look at what the brand of ours is. It was the top Consumer Reports pick pack in 2002 when we bought it for baby #1. It's super lightweight, so it's really easy to change the sheets. My daughter used it for close to 3 years and now my 13 month old is using it. It has no dips or sags and seems like new.


mcatherine - January 12

Nerdy Girl - Is it a Colgate mattress by any chance? That was reccomended by my pedi's office - but the nearest retailer is almost 2 hours away. I don't know anyone who has one. Everyone I know has a Sealy. I'll make the drive if it's worth it....


ElizabethL. - January 12

We have a Colgate mattress and it has held up great. It is an interspring and not a foam which tend to be more expensive and heavier. Are you going to have more children? If so it might be a good idea to invest in another one.


sahmof3 - January 12

I have a cheapo... $30.00, I think, from either Walmart or KMart and so far, so good... had one for my dd that held up pretty well, too. For my oldest the cheap matress that he had didn't hold up so well... but he was one that would stand in his crib and jump, play, squirm, etc. and my younger ones don't.



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