How Far Back

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krnj - March 7

How far back do you remember when you were a child? I remember being 2 and breaking my arm! Also I was 2 when I went to Puerto Rico with my parents on a business trip. I remember bits & pieces from that.


SuzieQ - March 7

I have a terrible memory! I barely remember anything before I was 8 or so. Little bits and pieces, but that's it!


sahmof3 - March 7

I remember being in the hospital for a hernia operation when I was 3.... I remember a lot of details from that. i also remember tidbits of preschool. I went two years... when I was 3 and when I was 4. I know that I remember some from each year, because the first year I went alone and the second year my sister was there with me and I can remember both. I also remember the spanking I got when I was 3 1/2 and my sis was 2 and I cut off all of her hair!!!! And I remember a lot about the house that we lived in until I was 5.


AnytimeLittleone - March 7

Uhhhhm... I can remember bits and pieces of when I was 4-5... but in terms of vivid memory... probably 7 or 8....


Emily - March 7

My earlist memory was when my mom told me she was pregnant agian. I would have been between 1.5 and 2. I don’t really remember anything else till I was closer to 2.5.


Emily - March 7

I dont even remmber my sister being born but I remember mom telling me she was pregnant. I do mremember my next sister's birth. I would have been three for it....


eliz24 - March 7

I remember being 3 years old and drinking "coffee" (it was really hot chocolate) with my gramma and watching The price is Right. I also remember when I was 6 and had to stay in scholl all day for the first time and crying allll day.


hutcho1984 - March 7

i remember when i was about 2 1/2 going into the kitchen when my parents were in bed and pulling out a big bag of flour and playing with in on the sofa. needless to say there was a lock put on the kitchen door after that incident! lol. Nic xx


ry - March 7

I remember when I was 2 1/2 and had to get st_tches in my cheek I fought so hard they had to put me in a "taco" (straightjacket) lol


Nita_ - March 7

I have a horrible memory! I remember things like my close friend from when I was in 5th grade around 8 yrs old...and then there was the MEAN day care person when I was maybe 3-4 yrs old? I can't remmeber her face, just that I was scared of her!


Lchan - March 7

I remember events from my 1st Christmas - namely the lights on our tree and a playhouse my parents bought for my older sister. I was born at end of June so I had just turned 6 months. I remember events from 3 yrs old very clearly.



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