How Fussy Is Your Baby

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mayaB - June 6

My babe is 3 weeks old. and he seems to me to be super fussy.. but I have noone to compare him to. There are pretty much 3 modalities. 1.sleep 2. cry 3. eat. The time he is awake and not crying is so little. Is this how it is supposed to be? or is my baby a 'bad' baby?


AmandaManns - June 6

My baby was the exact same way. It all started when he was around 3 weeks old. If he was not eating or sleeping he was crying, and I mean ALL THE TIME. It lasted for quite awhile and sometimes there was nothing he wanted and I would just have to lay him down and let him cry for a few minutes. He is now 5 1/2 months old and he is still pretty fussy but nowhere near what he used to be. Just be patient and do as much as you can for him, believe me it will end, you may not think so but it


ssmith - June 6

My little girl was the exact same way too! Any time she was awake and not eating, she would cry. I think in her case, she didn't know what to do with herself when she was awake except eat, so if she wasn't eating...she got distressed. She is now 5 weeks old, and has gotten so much better. Now that she is interacting more with people, and able to amuse herself with overhead toys etc., she seems much more content when she is awake. Good luck, I'm sure you'll notice a major improvement as your little one gets a bit older. P.S NO baby is bad (yet) hehehe


mayaB - June 6

ah so good to hear!!! :) so is this normal? how are other infants at this age like? Are there newborn that at 3 weeks are good and dont cry this much??? or is this just how it is?


jilly01 - June 6

ok hate to brag but my little girl is soooo good she cries very little always has. me and her didnt have the best labor and delivery and both ended up with some issues and she still never fussy's, i laugh and say lightning could never strike twice thank god he gave me the good one!!!!


mayaB - June 6

!! lucky you Jilly!! I'd love to brag that my boy was like that.. argh. He was like that the first week.. I thought I had a good one in my hands.. But he's turning out very high maintenance!! :) Has to be hugged and cuddled all the time. Dont mind it that much myself.. but my arms are not holding out that well. :)


jilly01 - June 6

well lucky in the crying dept, but she is super independent and sometimes i want to cuddle she is like put me down!!!! so i guess fussing a little would make me happy....


Sarahsmommy - June 6

mayaB just a suggestion. If he likes to be held and cuddled it's possible he's just missing that from being in you tummy. Your could try a sling carrier or a front carrier (like the snugglie) to carry him in. He would get to be close to you and you could still have your arms free. Personally I would recommend the sling if you are comfortable with it. It is more enclosing(maybe not a good way to describe it) and may make him feel like he's in the womb again.


Bonnie - June 6

Maya, he's not a bad baby. There can be many things going on so let me point out a few things (as I went through this as well). It could be one of them or all of them, lol.....Firstly, it is very normal for a baby to cry 3-4 hours everyday. When Mason (my son) was not sleeping or eating, he was a LOT more than 3-4 hours but everyone told me it's normal so I let it go. Some babies are very high maintenence and some are very calm. I was blessed with a high maintenence baby. My DH and I are very calm, happy people and I had a wonderful pregnancy with no stress. So I can tell you for sure that nothing you do or did would be the cause of a high tempered child. They just require more patience is all. ;) Mason is still that way and at 4 months I have learned when he needs to be held and cuddles and when he needs to b__w off a little steam by himself. Generally when he cries I go straight to him, but there are occasions when he needs 10-209 minutes alone to get some energy out. At 3 weeks I would not have had a clue how to ready him then. When yours cries now...go to him. However, if he has been crying all day and nothing you do is calming him...don;t be afraid to set him down for 15 minnutes or so while you eat or shower or whatever you need to do. Set him in the bouncy near you and just take a breather. I was never able to do that and his docs and my doc were all yelling at me a__suring him that it's not gonna hurt him to have a small cry while mommy takes a small break. For sanity sake, sometimes you just need to.....NOW....yours may be developing colic. Whetehr Mason had that or not, I still do not know. I do not know if I believe in colic or if it is just a quick way for doctors to b__w you off (i'll explain in a sec). BUT, colic is defines as a baby crying heavily non-stop for 3-4 hours, generally at a certain time of day and nothing you can do to sooth it. This peaks around 6 weeks and generally stops around 3-4 months. Colic sucks. ..........for Mason....the ped blew it off as colic and as me being over-protective. But it got to the point where Mason was sleeping less than 7 hours in a 24 hour period and if he was not gobbling down food he was screaming inconsolably. The doc said, "He's huge. In the 95th percentile. He's gaining weight, it's just colic." But I had read that colic was generally 3-5 hours. We had several occasions where he was screaming 10 hours with no sleep, inconsolable, and only stopping when he ate. I KNEW deep down something was wrong. I even called the hospital. It got to the point....I mean it was SO bad...I considered dropping him off at the hospital and giving up just so that someone else would take him who would be willing to help him and figure out what was wrong. Because no one was listening to me. He was gainging weight so he must be fine and I must be streching the truth. Finally I did some research online and realised Mason had silent reflux. The reflux acid was burning his esophagus and causing extreme pain. But he was "silent" because he did not spit up. he ate so well and gained so much weight because he comfort fed to sooth his throat. Generally reflux babies do not eat well and spit up which is why the ped did not catch it. I am still angry though because if he had taken more than 1 minute and asked some questions verses b__wing me off he would have known sooner and saved a whole lot of grief for me and pain from my son. He could not treat him (I SO need a new ped) and referred us to a brilliant GI specialist who really took time with us and helped him. Now he is on proper medication and is a completely different baby......I know this was a long story. And I am not saying your child has reflux. Maybe he is becoming colicy, maybe he is high-maintenence. (Mason is STILL high maintenence but I can tell no longer in pain and he sleeps brilliantly now). I wanted to point it out though because it MIGHT be a problem and is something you should be on the lookout for. Babies cannot always be calmed, but should be able to most of the time unless colicy or something is wrong. The main point of my story is for you to trust your own instincts. EVERYONE blew me off...the docs, my family, etc. But I KNEW something was wrong. (The tests they did finally showed it as well.) Keep an eye on him and trust your gut instinct!


jessb - June 6

My baby was super fussy for her first 12 weeks. Pretty much the same sleep, eat, cry and that was about it. Its normal for babies to cry 1-3 hours a day for the first few months. So they sleep alot when there that age and if you subtract out eating then pretty all that leaves is time when they are awake and crying. Your baby is not bad. I went through the same feelings though. Especially b/c my friend had a baby a week after me and her son was easy going and didnt cry nearly as much as my Alyssa. IT will get better i promise.


melissa g. - June 7

my dd cried a LOT the first month -- we timed her and pretty much in the beginning, all she could go without crying while awake was 10 minutes or so! things vastly improved after the first month. i also figured out that she was HUNGRY, we had big nursing probs, she was not able to remove milk very well from my b___st, so I had to pump and put it in a bottle for her -- once she started getting more food, her crying got a lot better. she still fusses, some days more than others but generally now (nearly 4 months), if she cries a lot there is usually a reason, like trapped gas, overtiredness or teething pain.



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