How Has Your Baby Changed Your View Of Life

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mandee25 - February 4

I thought this might be an interesting thread. My ds Noah has changed me in so many ways. He gave me something to look forward to every day and also makes me want to take better care of my health so I can be here for him. I feel closer to God since his birth. I feel that having children is the greatest, most important thing on earth and nothing else has given me as much pleasure as seeing my son smile lovingly at me for just being ME. Every day is a new adventure with Noah and I can't wait to add another baby to our little family.


BriannasMummy - February 4

I totally agree Mandy!!! My girls have become everything to me. Things they say and do make me laugh for days! Ka__sidy's new milestones are amazing.. and ya know.. shes growing and learning because of me.. thats amazing to me. I love my babies.. and the world wouldnt be complete without them! ~Kristin~


ssmith - February 4

I can hardly find a place to begin to talk about all the ways my daughter has changed my life and my view of life. Since having her, I now have a better understanding of what is TRULY important to, friends, good health, and what "quality time" really means. I take much greater notice and appreciation of the little things in life.... I have also been totally b__wn over with the intensity of feelings that I experience now. I have never felt such overwhelming love before. And, I finally understand just how much my Mom loves me. I "get it" now.


mcatherine - February 4


mcatherine - February 4

Hmm.. theres nothing there... I said it makes my life feel complete - we wished for him to be in our lives for a long time, so his arrival brought a renewed faith in our family with it. Two boys, 11 years apart - I get something unique from each of them everyday. My favorite feeling in the whole world now is the one I get when I see my husband and both boys together, smiling...


bradylove - February 4

There is nothing in my life that makes me or has made me as happy as my children do. I want to cry when I look at them and often I'm not sure if it's because I'm so excited that I get to be their mom or this fear that I may not be around to see everything that happens to them and be there to support them. I used to be very career oriented and ambitious about moving forward and upward in my work. Now, I want them to be my work. I want to spend every moment I can with them, I want to take care of them. I always felt a little empty spot in my heart and now I have found exactly what needed to fill it. THIS is my calling!



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