How Has Your Life Changed Since Having Kids

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Smilefull - March 6

For example, BEFORE I wouldn't get enough sleep 'cause I'd be out dancing till 3 am AFTER I wouldn't get enough sleep 'cause I'd be up with my lo until 3 am---okay that's maybe not funny--but you girls are much funnier and more creative than me! We need some fun threads!!


k.p.j.e. - March 6

Well, first of all, I used to be able to get away with not wearing a bra with halter tops...NOT POSSIBLE girls are big and heavy and not to mention asymmetrical...ok TMI! Anyway there are too many differences to count. Millions upon millions of ways.


SuzieQ - March 6

I went out after my 5 month old dd was on my shoulders. Little did I realize that she had pulled all my hair out of my ponytail and I looked like a rooster! lol! I barely look in the mirror anymore :)


aurorabunny - March 6

Before I would sometimes have a few drinks at a party or bar and still drive home ( I know, stupid) I drive around with my lo praying that there are no stupid drunks anywhere on the road!!


LollyM - March 6

I used to shave my pits, legs and bikini area several times a week. Now I am lucky if I get to shave my pits once a week! lol and forget the legs and bikini area! ha!


hello - March 6

Before i would talk on the phone for hours sometimes, now i am thankful if i can do it for 5 mins without tantrums happening, screaming etc.... (suddenly she hates me on the phone) Used to be able to stand at the mirror and do my hair and make up in peace........not now.......i could eat in peace, i could shop its more so target as they accomodate the change rooms for her pram......i could go out at a moments notice, movies dinner...drinks at a bar.......not so easy now........Do you want a page full? At the same time i wouldn't change it for the world.


hello - March 6

My collection of movies consist of more childrens dvd's etc than adults, i have to cook now, i have to wake up early everyday, i have sesame street on in the mornings when before i would be asleep usually at the time its on or leaving for work, man this list is endless !!!!!!!!!


hello - March 6

I also have a little mate now who goes everywhere with me, we eat together, shop together, laugh together, play together........Cool thread smilefull and i will continue tommorow its bedtime.......


AshleyB - March 6

Now when I stop some parts of my body keep going... LOL! Particularly that jelly belly I never had before. Also there are more lines on me than a roadmap :( That stomach looks like a spiderweb... LOL! Also, I used to like to buy myself clothes and things, now I'd much rather buy ds cute clothes and toys and whatever else. Now, instead of leaving Target with lots of clothes and makeup, I leave with diapers and formula.... Just to name a few.


luviduvi - March 6 a quikie...hehe


sahmof3 - March 6

My memory is gone!!!!!! When I was in college I waitressed for our college's faculty dining. We served tables of 12 and were expected to memorize all orders. I was good at it! Now I think of something, go in the next room to get it, and can't remember what "it" was. Well, that one's kind of a negative, I guess, but probably the biggest one is... before I had kids I thought I knew what love was.... now I REALLY know what it is :-)


ssmith - March 6

I think I could write a small novel on the ways my life has changed since having my dd. I think the biggest change is that my life now revolves around her, and making sure that every single one of her needs / wants is met. I want to give her the absolute best of everything, or at least the very best that I can give. On a funnier note....when we go out, dd is fed having had a completely balanced meal, she's clean and smells lovely with lotion on her skin, she is wearing freshly washed, adorable clothes....all coordinated and perfect, my bag is packed with all sorts of suplies for her ~~ meanwhile ~~ I haven't eaten, probably haven't showered, wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday, hair in a, that's gotta change! LOL I also find that since having my dd, I enjoy her company more than anyone else's....


srigles - March 6

Let's see.... I can't remember what a long, deep sleep is like - even though ds sleeps through the night, I'm always half-awake listening for him. S_x is a thing of the past - now it's like "You wanna? We have about six minutes." We don't spend money (what little there is of it) on ourselves anymore - we'll buy Keegan an adorable sleeper that he might fit into for a week or so. Grocery shopping has become an olympic event - I don't just run in and grab stuff anymore. It's a three-hour ordeal. I've given up trying to look decent in exchange for comfortable spit-up-proof clothing. My life revolves around bottles, burps, and messy diapers. BUT - I woudn't change any of it for the world. And sahmof3, I totally agree that I thought I knew what true love was, but didn't until I held my ds for the first time. So true!


jacksonsmommy - March 6

Everything about my life has changed. Prebaby -- I was very much into my career as an accountant. I worked long hours and weekends and didn't have much empathy for the working moms in the company. DH and I went out for dinner and drinks at least twice a week and shopping for ourselves was a weekly routine. Postbaby -- I feel as if I now know the meaning of life. Everything that I thought was important before is no longer a priority when it comes to DS. DH and I have a stronger bond and marriage and we are happier than we ever imagined possible. I am a stay at home mom and the office is a far away memory of the past. I honestly don't remember much about life before DS.


HANNAHs Mom - March 6

More Love & Laughter -- less sleep


LisaB - March 6

Its funny I cant think of a way my life hasn't changed since having ds.........



I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I have more patience than I thought was humanely possible. I haven't had a drink or gone shopping other than for dd in a long long time. Oh and s_x, only quickies and at crazy times (which dh LOVES) pretty much we squuze it in whenever we can. I wouldn't trade my rolly polly for anything she is my life.



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