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ash2 - March 14

Keeping your child in the same school the whole we are not going to live in the house we are in now forever. We are planning on buying a home in another year and DS starts school next fall. I dont want him to go to this school and then quit after only one year when we have to it that important to stay in one school the whole time ?? Because it will only be one year. If we find a home close to this one school then that would be great, but we are not sure.


Mellissa - March 14

man.. if it was important to stay in one school, i'd be in big trouble! lol. I went to 6 different elementary schools, two junior highs, and 5 high schools. LOL I was an army brat of course. As a child, I found it exciting to start a new school. I loved that I got to meet new people. I don't think spending one year in a school then moving would have any bad effects on your son. He's young enough that he doesn't have long-standing friendships he has to leave, or anything like that. I would treat it like an adventure, and I'm sure he'll adjust just fine! :)


Ciarasmom - March 14

I agree with what Mellissa said. I changed schools and proviences almost every year from kindergarden to gr 12. I liked meeting new people and having a change of atmosphere. Kids are very adaptable and I think it might be the parents that have a harder time, especially if the parents really like the school and the teacher, it is so hard to find good ones now adays.


Erynn21 - March 14

I will say in elementary school it probably isn't that bad to move, but once they are in middle or high school, don't do it unless absolutely necessary, I moved as a freshman and a junior in high school. That sucked, I can honestly say I hated it, but when they are little it's easier to make friends than when older.


LollyM - March 14

I went to kindergarden in one city and 1st grade in another. It was a little harder to make friends at first, because all the kids already knew each-other, but I adjusted just fine =)


Nerdy Girl - March 14

I agree with the others that it's easier on the kids the younger they are. However, all of my nieces and nephews have changed schools between 4th-7th grade and they are all fine. I moved schools at 4th grade and honestly have no negative memories of the experience.


SonyaM - March 14

I am so surprised by everyones comments. I guess it's good to hear because we have been worrying about this too. We can't decide if we should move to be closer to my dh's job and I feel so much pressure to make a decision before August because my oldest starts kinder then. I don't want to move him once he starts. Both dh and I did not have to change schools so we feel it is important. It is nice to hear from others who did change schools and were fine. Maybe this is why dh and I do not do well with change or new situations. Interesting.



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