How In The Hell Did That Happen

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tracyg - June 2

Last night my 6 month old was on the floor on her blanket. My son and I were making a card for his teacher that is leaving preschool. Anyway, she is crawling a little bit, and had moved over to the side of the couch. I know she lives playing with my son's toys over there, and there is also a end table. I get a bad feeling, and jump up and she has the scissors in her hands having a good old time!!! I panic!!!!! I get them away from her, and there is no damage!! Thank The Lord!!! They were on the little shelf on the end table. I get my hubby, and tell him about it. He says "why did you have the scissors out". I tried to explain, but I feel like the worst parent in the world!!! How could I let that happen?? I did not even think about those scissors being on that shelf. I feel so guilty, and I don't know how to forgive myself!!!


SonyaM - June 2

Don't beat yourself up. Think of it as an "angle" reminding you to baby proof your home. I think things like this happen for a reason. Now you have the inspiration to double check EVERYTHING and make sure nothing in is in harms way. My almost 8 month wedged himself between the end table and the sofa (where I had put the charger for my laptop) and was "chewing on it". I had been so careful not to leave the charger where he could get to it, so I thought. Who knew he could wedge himself into a 6 inch opening???


Rabbits07 - June 2

Babies manage to do things that we never dreamed ina million years they could do. i read in a magazine that the best way to baby proof was to get down on the floor at baby's eye level and slowly make your way around the room to find everything that your baby could possibly find. Even then, I think no matter how much you baby proof, there will be something you miss that baby will find...that's where prayer comes in handy:-)


tracyg - June 2

Thanks for responding!!! I still feel guilty, but I thank God that she is ok!!! Thanks for the tip Rabbits07; I will do that when I get home!!!



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