How In The Hell Is This Happening

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Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 7

Okay ... I know, I know ... I've skimmed through other redundant postings on this, but now that it pertains specifically to me and I want to contemplate it with you: I have dark brown eyes and my husband has dark brown eyes, and BOTH our parents have dark brown eyes ... how in the h__l did my baby girl come out with the prettiest sky blue eyes you ever did see?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Erica - January 7

The same thing happened to me but opposite.. My mom and dad have pretty blue blue eyes and my grandparents as well... I ended up with yucky colored green eyes. lol.. Your a lucky one, so is the lil one:D


Erica - January 7

p.s another one of the moms on here Kristina has a lil girl that has amazing blue eyes as well, and from what i remember neither her or her hubby do either lol..


terri - January 7

brooke, i read somewhere on the net that most babies born to white parents have blue eyes and than they gradually change to whatever color they will be within 3 months.


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 7

this just REALLY has me scratching my head ...


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 7

yeah, I know, Terry ... that is why I'm so confused ... My other two daughters also had blue eyes at birth, but they were a dark blue ... this baby has the lightest, clearest set of blue eyes ... and even the pedi walked into the room and exclaimed, "Would you just look at those gorgeous blue eyes!" I looked at her dumbfounded, and asked, "Do you REALLY think they'll stay blue?" and she just grinned, and said, "Those are blue all right."


TahliasMama - January 7

I have blue, eyes DH has green, and Tahlia has the same blue as me! Its genetic, and brown is the dominant gene. Obviously you and your partner both have a recessive blue gene, but it is shown as the dominant brown in both of you. Then you both gave Brooke a blue gene.


Meredith - January 7

It happens, everyone in my family has dk brown eyes except for my brother who has light blue. It is because of the genes, and you both having the recessive blue gene, like she said above.


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 7

No one is going to believe two of my children are really mine ... I have three girls in all (ages 14, 10 and 2 mo) ... the oldest has dark brown hair and eyes (like me) ... the middle one is blonde with green eyes ... the baby looks like she is going to be a blue-eyed, flaming redhead!!!!!!! I've got the biggest flabbergasted grin on my face right now.


Eryn - January 7

I understood your qustion but I am not much help because Ellie is only 4 months and still has her born blues. But if your baby's are a lighter color blue I would think they would stay blue.


Shelly - January 7

Are you sure you haven't been messing with the milkman? J/K. I really don't know the answer,I just know it does happen.


April - January 8

I read dark eyes be it blue or brown tend to stay that colour but light coloured eyes tend to change.


Christy - January 8

Brooke- To answer your one question, I was born with light blue-green eyes and my mom said they got even a little lighter as I got older. So Hannebelle may have light blue eyes, but they may even get lighter (or darker) over time. Dh's are brown and Ben's are a beautiful sapphire blue. Dh's mom and maternal grandfather have/had dark blue eyes. Si I'm hoping that Ben keeps his current eye color! :)


krystal - January 8

i had really dark brown eyes till i was about 13. Then that summer they changed to the color i have now which is a greenish-hazel-mix. don't feel bad, i seen this one story on TV with these two white parents have malata babies and they definetely were theirs....just somewhere in the line some one just carried a certain gene.


CEM - January 8

Even though you all have brown eyes, you all carry a hidden recessive gene. You and your husband BOTH gave a recessive (blue) eye colour gene to your daughter and she ended up with blue eyes. This is called a phenotype.... the gene that you carry that is hidden. Hope this helps.


My answer - January 8

My dh has dark brown hair and black eyes (Haha... no I didn't hit him!). When he was born, they thought he was blind because he only had huge pupils. The brown is so dark that they couldn't tell it from the black of the pupil. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Baby #1 came out with black hair and blue eyes (they were a murky / dark blue)... she now has light brown or dark blonde hair (I tend to think of these as the same color) and gray eyes. The pediatrician laughed and told me that they would have problems with her driver's license because "gray" is not an eye color, but her's really aren't blue or green. They are the color of an army footlocker - flat, light gray. Second baby was born with platinum blonde hair and murky blue eyes. He kept the platinum hair until about 3 yrs. old and then it changed to the same color as his sisters. His eyes kept the blue color until almost a year old and then began to turn brown. The end color is a light brown that tend to look green sometimes (is this Hazel?). Third baby came out with dark brown hair and black eyes like her daddy. Her hair lightened a little, but she still has the dark brown / black eyes. I'm hoping the next one will have my hair (wouldn't it be nice to have one of them take my coloring? Since I'm the one to pack them around for 9 months!?). I doubt it though... my coloring is so recessive compared to dh's, that I will likely never get a blonde haired, bright blue eyed baby. If your baby's eyes are light blue... they aren't likely to change. When my son's changed from "newborn blue" to brown... they were never a bright clear blue.


CEM - January 8

I forgot to say, Mama Crow, that I'm half Chinese and two out of three of my kids have blue eyes!!! I get some looks, let me tell you. Most people think I'm the nanny even though they look alot like me apart from their colouring. My mom has light green eyes though, so I also carry a recessive light gene.



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