How Is Your 6 Month Old Doing My Dd Is Crawling Yikes

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madison - September 23

just wanting to see how other babies are doing at 6 months?! my dd started crawling a week before turning 6 months! i was not expecting it so soon. she still does the army crawl but can get around very quickly and is into everything! she's sitting up pretty good but not "perfect" yet. doesnt care for her bouncer or swing anymore but will play in her exersaucer or jumperoo, but prefers to be on the floor! she's trying to pull up, too. she is not talking yet but just discovered how to "blow raspberries". she has her first cold right now and that is not fun at all! she usually still takes 3 naps a day and sleeps from 8-6:45ish am. haven't gone to her 6 month check-up yet but i am thinking she is 13-14 lbs, she's small. i would love to hear about your 6 month old! they are so cute at this age.


CWeber - September 23

Wow, that does seem early for crawling! My lo will be 6 months old on Sept 1st. He is nowhere near crawling but will enthusiatically wave arms and legs (we call it the windmill ;-) but he doesn't go anywhere. Just figured out rolling over a week ago! Slow on that one and still does not have it perfected. Mind you he is a MUCH heavier boy to move and was last weighed a few weeks ago over 20lbs! He naps about 3 times a day as well. Can sleep up to 11hrs straight through at night but some nights he wakes up more often. Goes to bed between 7:30-8pm and sleeps until 7am. He is working on sitting but it is not perfect yet either. He has been b__wing raspberries for a while and "talks" a lot but does not copy anything you say to him. Trying to work on "mama" and "dada" but he just smiles when I say it or continues his own noises. Doesn't mind his jumperoo but still prefers his jolly jumper over everything. Doesn't care for the floor at all but probably will once he gets moving.


iemc19 - September 24

Uh-oh definately wouldn't like that! My last son never crawled but walked freely at 9 months - I hated that! My youngest son is 6months and 1 week...He sits brilliantly, can roll from his back to his tummy easily but has only gone the other way maybe twice! He actually enjoys tummy time and is now trying to get up on his knees (but I don't hold much for that , he's my 4th and none of them crawled) ..He has 2 naps a day - one about 2 hours after he wakes (7/7.30) and then again about 2pm...He generally goes down about 8pm but he doesn't sleep all night - nowhere near! But I think thats down to mum's bad habits and not baby's!! He's on solids 3 times a day and loves it - except for breakfast, I'm not sure about his weight, I'll maybe get in for a weighing this week - I think he's about 17lbs... He did say mum about a month ago (I'm in the UK) But although he was copying me saying it I think it was just a fluke!



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