How Is Your Dog With Your Baby Or Are You Getting A Pup Dog

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Heather - November 18

Just wondering if anyone had any good/bad experiances with bringing a baby into the dogs home. What kind of dog do you own, Or do you plan on getting a puppy/dog? How old will your baby be.


Chelsey - November 18

Well, we got a puppy when my daughter was 18 mos. old. I'm glad we did it then because the puppy realized that kids can be rough and tumble, and still learn that my daughter meant no harm! Also, getting the puppy at only 3 mos. old was a great experience for both of them, because they could grow up together. Also get into trouble together! My daughter is now 4, and the puppy is no longer a puppy! He's an 80lb. Rottweiller! But he is excellent with the kids, and when asked where the kids are, he'll search and search! Kane is a really great addition to our family and my daughter loves him to pieces! My son, who is only 4 mos. old already recognizes the dog, and gets the biggest smiles when being sniffed! Having a dog is great! We also have a cat, who likes to kick the dogs a__s! I would never forgive myself if I didn't say what a great additon to our family he is also!


BBK ® © - November 18

We have two chihuahuas (we're city dwellers, so size does matter) and they are traditionally jealous and possessive. I took a receiving blanket home for them to smell before the baby got home. We expected the worst but at first they look puzzled and intimidated by the screaming newborn. They warmed up to the baby slowly and they now try to lick her hands and feet. The male also gets very protective of the baby when guests are home regardless of whether they are known or strangers.


Shelly - November 18

I have a gordensetter mix and a pug,and both where great when I brought the baby home.I did the same thing BBK did,it is good for them to "smell" the baby.It is also important to keep giving them attention,they can get otherwise very jealous of the baby.If you don't have any pets I would strongly recommend to wait till your baby is at least one year old,preferably 2 years or older.


Julie - November 18

We got our son a YorkiePoo (Yorkie & Poodle mix) They are the best with kids and do not shed and do not get over about 10 lbs. Our son loves him he is 3 and we just brought a new baby home 5 weeks ago and the dog just wags his little nub of a tail at him and tries to get close every time he cries. The dog is just curious more than anything. The dog is also really low maintenance. I can't handle a demanding dog with 2 kids but wanted my son to have a pet.


Heidi - November 18

We have a 6 yr old 100 lbs golden retriever who used to be the baby of the family. He's pretty good with my 5 wk old. He didn't make a stink when she came home from the hospital and now when she cries he comes to see what's going on. When he comes in the house and I'm not holding her, he'll go to the pack n play and look to see if she's in there. If she has a bad night and I take her out in the tv room or the nursery to do whatever, he comes right along with me. He'll lick her hands and stuff and is generally really good given all the attention she's been getting and he's not cus a baby is a lot of work! Poor guy!


JB - November 18

We have two male weiner dogs. I was really worried about them and the baby, how they would all react to each other. The baby sleeps through their barking and when we first brought my son home they thought he was theirs. I would get up at night to feed Skyler and one of the dogs would get up with me and follow me to the livingroom and when I got up to change his diaper. I thought it was so cute. The only problem is that when my husband holds Skyler the dogs get alittle jealous and think they need to sit in Daddy's lap too. Also they like to TRY to lick the baby. Gross, I try to avoid this as much as possible. I can't wait to see how they react to Skyler when he starts crawling.


Tanya - November 18

Hey there Heather! Our son is 16 weeks old and we have an 18 month border collie who totally used to be the center of attention. I was nervous but she has been fine, she tries to lick him all the time so I just tell her no when she gets too close. I was so scared that she would get excited and knock his basinet over, or get excited and do something that was meant to be playing, but it has been fine! Catn wait til Andrew can play with her - or LOL, drop cheerios on the floor for her!


Kathryn - November 18

We got a dog 2years before I had my son. I was really worried about how she would take to a new baby. She's just a mutt. She does wonderful with my son. He's six months old now and he grabs at her and laughs. They both love it. You can see Nathan playing with her at and go to 5 and a half months.


sam - November 18

my dog, Piper, is a pekingese...he was our little baby for 4 years before my son came along...he is as spoiled as they come and was the jealous type. we were worried about having the baby come into our lives and how Piper would take it...he was very curious at first, standing on his back feet and trying to look into the crib, sniffing Raif every chance he he is very protective...he actually chases off my MIL's little dog if she gets too close...Piper lays next to Raif when he's on his blanket for play time. when i rock the baby, he's at my feet and he's constantly licking Raif's feet...he loves his brother now! we are very very very happy about the situation now, but of course, we do still give Piper lots of attention too.


Rachael mommy2lucas. - November 19

I have 2 dogs, a 2 yr old shepard-chow mix, and a 1 yr old pek-a-pom-a-roodle/jack russell terrier. Yeah, I know, but he is so cute! My dogs were my babies before Lucas, but they have always been around babies and kids, and love them. I never once worried about them with the baby. They love Lucas, the oldest is a mother hen. He gets upset when Lucas cries and needs to know where he is at all times. The little one sleeps under his crib. I let them sleep and play in the baby room while getting it ready. And since I know my shepard understands everything I say, he thinks he is human, I told them about the baby and the baby things being for Lucas. When I ask them where is lucas, they go right to him. I have made sure that they were raised to be gentle and loving. Anyone can take anything out of their mouths at any time and they will just look at you. I think it is all how they are raised, like kids. They are wonderful family members that bring such joy. Lucas is now becoming interested in them and trieds to eat their ears and stuff. It is so cute! I cannot wait to see them all grow up together and play together!


Steven's Mom - November 19

Sorry for it to beon a sad note but my dog Shadow died today she was a beautiful, black, long haired German Shepherd. In December she would have been 15 years old! She will be greatly missed too bad Steve didn't get an oppertunity to play with her. We also have a 7 year old German Shepherd,his name is Gunther I'm sure he will get spoiled now...


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

I am so sorry, Steven's mom. I do not even want to think about the time when it will come for my two precious puppies. I love them so much, they are so spoiled! I'm sure it will be tough for a long time. Give Gunther and Steven extra kisses.


Steven's Mom - November 23

Thanks Rachel I just read what you wrote that was very nice :O) I'm doing much better now. I still miss her lots but I know now she lived a great life and a long life...Thanks again that was nice. Have a great Thanksgiving!



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