How Long Before You Take Them Out

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Angie in MI - April 11

How long was it before you took your baby out to the store or where there was a bigger group of people? My doc said 2 months. This seems like a long time.


HannahBaby - April 11

i took my daughter to the mall at 4 days old. My husband has a full time job there was no way i would be able to keep my daughter in the house and not starve to death, just dont let strangers get too close to her


pbj - April 11

I waited until my dd was 2 months. I only shopped when my husband came home from work. I have friends though that didn't wait. I say HannahBaby is right by saying just don't let people get to close. Strangers will want to come and take a look so maybe place the sunshade up on your carrier or place a thin, breathable blanket over your LO so people can't see him/her and they'll be discouraged from trying.


austinsmom - April 11

I took mine out in a carrier at 1 week old cause I had to but hannahbaby is right do not let people get close they are tempted to want to get in your babys face or touch and you do not want carrier has a canopy and I would pull that down over her ....then people can't see her and you have less people coming up to you and carrying on....


Erin1979 - April 11

I agree. My daughter wa about 1 week old. I just made sure she was covered. All the old ladies want to touch! I don't go and touch them, I don't know why they feel it's OK to touch babies!!


YC - April 11

I waited about 8 weeks but that's just because I am paranoid. I know lots of people that have done it earlier and their babies are everyone said just dont let anyone touch. I dont know why random strangers think it's ok to touch someone's baby but they do. I would never walk up and do that. Anyways, I actually wish I would have gotten out with her sooner. It's so nice to get out of the house. If I have another I won't wait two months. Good Luck!


Beth B - April 11

Well I didn't get the 2 month memo lol! My ds is 8 weeks today and I have taken him out several times since he was born. I took him to the salon and park and Target and Walmart. I did always keep mitts on his hands though so no one would touch them. I actually didn't have anyone even try. Lots came and looked but thats all!


jessb - April 11

I took my daughter to the mall at 2 weeks. Since then we always go to target. She was over at our families houses at 2-3 days old.


Jilloh - April 11

my ds went to wal-mart at 1 week......although i would have liked to wait a bit longer i figured it wasnt much different then sitting in the hospital lab with everyone hacking and coughing.


C - April 11

I took him out to stores after about 2 weeks but I didn't let anyone touch him. I waited to take him to church and such for a month. I knew that people would be offended that I didn't want them to hold him.


sara b - April 13

Well maybe this makes me a bad mom but the day she was born my bf's grandfather died so as soon as I got out of the hospital I drove over an hour to be at the funeral with him. Being exhausted from birth and caring for a newborn and driving all that way I promptly handed her over to bf and family for a nap and a shower. I don't know if that was completely wrong or not but she is 13 months now and has never had a cold or ear infection or anything.


jensenc - April 13

I took out my dughter at 2 weeks.


TRP - April 13

We took our dd out after 1 week. I think as long as you have them dressed warm enough if it's cold and make sure not to let people get in your babies face and try to touch him/her, then it would be fine. 2 months is a long time to wait and sometimes, you HAVE to take them with you if you have to go to the store, etc. and obviously can't leave them alone!


Emy - April 13

Wow, all doctors must be different! Mine gave me a 3 week wait and so that is what I did. But after about 4/5 weeks I went out and about and baby has been fine. I don't think I could have waited 8 weeks


Nick - April 14

My son was born in August and I took him to the jazz festival when he was a week old, on the main street in my town. He was in a graco travel system and was covered unless anyone asked for a peek. He slept the whole time. The only people that made comments were the senior women. I guess back then you did not bring your baby out for the first year.


Ca__sieSong - April 14

We took our dd out after a week... to my aunt's and uncle's house for Christmas. We also took her to church, but only family held her and EVERYONE had to wash their hands before touching her. I took her out to the mall at 8 weeks.



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