How Long Can A Bottle Last

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Jadyns Mommy - June 28

My daughter is 7 weeks and is a very slow eater and sometimes falls asleep after only a few minutes while feeding. When this does happen, I end up throwing away the rest of the bottle because I was told that it was bad after 1 hour. She is on soy based Enfamil so is this correct or can she still drink the same bottle if it passes one hour?


Toya - June 28

I wouldn't feed her that same bottle...Just don't fix as much...You can always fix more if she's still hungry.


Lisa - June 28

I think the information on storage should be clearly labelled on the tin of formula. If it's not, perhaps you should contact the company that makes it and inform them that it hasn't been indicated on the tin. I think its ok to use the same bottle within 3-4 hours as long as it's been stored correctly. It may be different for soy milk.


Amaya's mommy - June 28

We are also using enfamil, but not soy based, I think it says you can store it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or so.


Brittany - June 28

Make a nice size container of formula, put it in the fridge and just pour small amounts into a bottle and if she ends up needing more, just pour more. Formula stays good for I think 48 hours as long as it's cold in the fridge but I wouldn't feed your baby the same bottle after an hour or even 30 mins.


Kerry - June 28

They say with any formula once It's been warmed not to use it again so I'd do what Brittany says.Once they have eaten out of the bottle bacteria can grow fast.


Jadyns Mommy - June 28

Thanks everyone for your input. I like the idea of making a larger container for the fridge and pouring it from there as needed. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reheat it quickly since it will be refridgerated? Right now I use room temp water from a water dispenser so it heats up fast but it would take longer if cold and since my daughter doesnt finish her bottles in one sitting, when she wakes up from her nap she screams until I get the bottle to her.



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