How Long Did It Take You To Get Your Birth Certificate

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Kristin72 - March 12

My baby was born late Nov..I have yet to receive my babies statement of love birth or her birth certificate and it is the middle of March. I did have a mistake on my forms and it was returned to me but I sent it back right it is going on 31/2 We wanted to travel with the baby for a vacation but we need our birth certificate in order to apply for a passport. :( BTW I live in Canada.) How soon di other receive their babies Birth certificates etc.?


Rans - March 13

My dd was born July 8th and immediately took the forms to our town office, got the statement of live birth a month later and had the birth certificate (I did the application on line) and got the birth certificate delivered to my door two days later, so just over a month. My sil had her dd the day after me and she just got my nieces birth certificate in the middle of Feb. Weird that it is so different, but remember it is government!


CyndiG - March 13

Our hospital sent our forms in, but I'm in the US. I got hers back in less than a month. Maybe you should call and check??? That seems like a really long time.


DB - March 13

I got them back in about 3 weeks, but I'm in the US too. Maybe it got lost in the mail or something?


srigles - March 13

Hi Kristin, I'm in Ontario. My son was born Oct. 30 and I just got mine last week. Sounds like you should probably be getting it soon.... good luck!


Kristin72 - March 13

Thanks ladies..I called and they told me 16 weeks..this is ridiculous. ;)


lin7604 - March 13

that is a long time, my ds was born oct 24th and i live in canada as well and we recieved in with in 3-4 weeks. i had it before or around x-mas.


BriannasMummy - March 13

Hmm I also live in Canada. Ka__sidy was born December 7th of 2006 and we have had her birth certificate for about 2 months. The hospital sent my forms in. Im in New Brunswick.. it might differ from province to province. ~Kristin~


chrissi79 - March 13

I still haven't received it yet...its ridiculous. If you do it online they guarantee it in 15 business days...???? I'd love to know where mine is...WAY more than 15 days!!


chrissi79 - March 13

I find this so annoying b/c we want to get going on other things like a SIN # and Child Tax Benefit apps as well and you need the BC to do any of that!! Errrr Also for opening RESP\s too...


mamagoose - March 13

Wow... I mailed mine on February 20 and got the birth certificate on March 6... only 2 weeks! It was the one time the British Columbia Provincial gov't impressed me...


Ciarasmom - March 13

I'd give them a call and find out where it is. I was thinking my dd's would take 4-6 weeks and I think it came in 2. I didn't do it online though, I droped it off in person.


vonzo - March 13

Its crazy how things are so different in different countries. To get a birth certificate in the UK you take a letter the hospital gives you containing the baby's date and time of birth down to the registry office, they ask you a few question, input it into the computer and hand you the birth certificate there and then.


Lindsey - March 13

I was about to comment on that Vonzo, it's weird, we registered George when he was about 10 yrs old, we made it a family occa__sion lol, my inlaws and parents came, I'm sure it was to make sure we stuck to George as a name lol.


Lindsey - March 13

oops meant 10 days old lol


ash2 - March 13

We got ours around a week after DS was born.


mandee25 - March 13

I am also in NB, Canada and we got my ds's bcertificate about a month after he was born. I sent the forms a few days after his birth.



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