How Long Did U Breastfeed Exclusively

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krc - January 17

If you br___tfed exclusively, how long did you do it? What and when did you start to introduce solids? Ethan will be 6 months old next week and is still BF exclusively. He is very happy & healthy, gaining weight like a pro & developing as he should be. I have read before that as long as he continues to gain weight and develop, that I dont HAVE to introduce solids if I dont want to. In fact, a mother can nurse exclusively up until one year if baby is thriving. Although most women of course dont wait that long.....but waiting until 9 months is actually quite common. So I think I am going to go as long as I can before introducing solids. My dad thinks im nuts. I said Ethan can't even sit up atleast going to wait until he can sit up unassisted!!! Any thoughts on this matter?


Lisastar9 - January 17

My first 6 months till solids. Second 5.5 monthsthen solids and my third 5 months,my dr asked me to give solids he took it well at 5 months but has since backed off and on since then due to teething . My kids were long time bfer's and solid feeding during the day,but they don't eat a real lot during the day Even though they are 61/2 and 41/2 years old now.


Lisastar9 - January 17

My friend new someone who exclusively bf for 1 year.


JenS - January 17

"They" say that introducing soilds between 4- 6 months is more for baby to get used to solid food. It should never replace formula of b___stmilk. In some cases introducing solid foods later can cause problems with lo not eating food and becoming picky eaters... Again this is just what I've read in one of my baby food books. I bf my son, and feed him a little rice cereal in the morning. Ds is 5 months.


shannan - January 17

I b___stfed exclusively until 5 months when I began giving my ds rice cereal. He is now 7.5 months and is still b___stfed. He does take solids 2-3x/day. I pump while Im at work so he is still getting bottles of b___stmilk at the sitters. I honestly thought I would stop b___stfeeding at 6 months, but its working out so well (plus saving money not buying formula) that I think I will keep going until 1 year.


SuzieQ - January 17

I think it's the whole iron thing - around 6 months old they start needing iron that they've depleted in their body that was already stored. I could be wrong tho :) I'm planning on introducing rice cereal around 5 mos or so.


lindsay - January 17

lexi is 7 months old and still b___stfed, no formula. started cereal at 5 months and she now eats stage 2 foods 2-3 times a day.


EricaG - January 17

I'll start Abby on rice cereal on Saturday. She will be six months on Friday. Abby shows A LOT of interest in food so I'm going to start her on it. If she doesn't take to it well, I'll wait another couple of weeks. She, also, is thriving on just b___stmilk.


BriannasMummy - January 17

I think your baby is at a perfect age to start introducing some foods. I absolutelye agree that most of his nutrients should still come from you. However.. my bil and sil decided to wait for a long time until they introduced solid food to my neice. They finally did when she was almost a year. She had a horrible time learning how to eat. She wanted to have what the other kids around her was having.. but whenever they tried she chocked and gagged.. because she had a lack of experience with the food. She really wasnt able to eat properly until a couple months pa__sed her second birthday. I think its more of a developmental thing to introduce solids, because youre milk is really supposed to be the number one provider. In the end.. you do what you think is best.. youre the mama.. mama always knows best!!! ~Kristin~


SonyaM - January 17

I did not bf but that's another story. My concern with not starting solids until 1 year is it CAN (not always) cause problems for eating later. Really the solids at his age are not so much for nutrition as to get the practice and used to textures and flavors. I think if you delay this you could create a situation where he won't tolerate them well and protests. I would say waiting until 9 months would be okay but I think a year is too long. Just my opinion.


krc - January 18

well personally, I wont wait till he's one year....thats too long for me, plus he'll be in daycare by then so I need him eating by then. I think when he can sit una__sisted sounds good for me. Right now, I just can't imagine trying to feed him while he's reclined in a seat. Thanks for the input ladies!


rukidding? - January 18

till five months exclusive then baby self-weaned by nine months. ped said no later than six months for solids.


kellens mom - January 18

KRC, It seems to me that I read in several locations about lo's developing an allergy to grains (?) if you wait to introduce food after 7 months. You may want to google it to see if you can come up with more information...then discuss it with your ped. We introduced solids at 5 months 3 weeks. She couldn't wait any longer (neither could daddy!). I hope you find the answer you seek.


Emily - January 18

Fopr four months. then started cereal for oth my girls. Mary took to it right away but Marcy ddint' so we waited another couple fo months. So really 4 months for Mary and 6 months for Marcy. I continued to bf MAry till she was 11 mos and she of course continued to eat new thigns teh whole time, I am still bf Marcy who is 7 mos and plan to nurse her at least as long as Mary but probably not over a year, if she will give it up! ha ha... she will be tough to wean


sahmof3 - January 18

I bf'd my oldest exclusively until 4 months and then introduced rice cereal. My infant carseat/carrier has a handle that flips around to the back of the seat and can latch in and prop the seat upright, so he was upright for eating. That seat is 7 years old now, though, don't know if they make the newer models the same way or not... Anyway, my next two I b___stfed, but not exclusively, as they had some formula bottles. I started my dd on rice cereal at 4 months. Tried to start my younger ds then, but he wouldn't take it until 5 1/2 months, which surprised me because he was always leaning in for my food or the older kids food lol.


ElizabethL. - January 18

I have read that babies are born with an iron reserve that will last them until they are about six months. After that they need iron from food or b___stmilk, I bf my daughter exclusively until six months and then added rice cereal mixed with b___stmilk once a day. I thought it would be good to acclimate to the texture of food and how to move it around in her mouth. I would wait until your son can sit up alone though.



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