How Long Did U Wait B4 U Ya Know

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Layla - June 14

I'm a first time mom and I just had my lil man close to three weeks ago. He was 7 weeks premature so he didnt do too much damage down there. Only a few first degree tears and a couple of st_tches. So things pretty much feel back to normal down there now. I know the doc says to wait 6 weeks before having s_x but... My husband and I didnt have much s_x when I was prego due to lack of s_x drive so now its all I want (sorry tmi). So is there anyone who couldnt hold out until the end of the 6 weeks? Did it due any harm? Did the s_x feel normal? As much as I want to I'm pretty nervous about it. Any input would help.


Lory - June 14

Actually, my DH and I had s_x about a week after I delivered! I didn't tear, and my drive kind of diminished towards the end of my pg, so I was very ready. :0) I didn't have any pain from it (we took it slow), and it was good as ever. ;-) You'll know when you're ready. Good luck to you!


Annette - June 14

I had s_x 10 weeks postpartum. For some reason all that time s_x was the LAST thing in my mind. When we finallly did it, it hurt a little bit (sorry if TMI but it´s like when losing your virginity) but otherwise felt great (we didn´t have any for months while I was preg so go figure!), anyway, I´d suggest wait until you are 6 weeks. Let your body heal properly and meanwhile enjoy cuddling and hugging. It´s only 3 weeks.


lizard_stinks - June 14

5 weeks


Bonnie - June 15

Can I just kill you now? ;P I would just LOVE for my s_x drive to come back! lol


Mellissa - June 15

my dr advised me to wait three weeks, or until i felt ready again. we waited almost three weeks.. and it felt fine. my dh said he didn't notice any difference from before, which was good because i think we were both kind of afraid it wouldn't feel right to him. lol. but three weeks was fine for us. :)


jilly01 - June 15

well sorry girls but i never lost mine!!!! and it sucked cause i had a very bad delivery and it was v____al, some surgery after to fix a few things and i had a little baby sooooo go figure, i counted to the sec when we could do it again and man......yummy


Rabbits07 - June 15

I can remember 'maintaining relations' as early as 3 weeks after a couple of my previous births. Never had any problems.


ralhun - June 15

4 months, but I had a very difficult labour.


TinaMarie - June 15

We were active up until the day before I went into labor and waited about a week after giving birth. My little girl was only 5.5lbs so I had little tearing also. I felt normal and was wonderful as alway. I agree that you know when you are ready.


TinaMarie - June 15

lol...that was supposed to be "It felt" not "I felt" It is early and I am the typo queen!


Ginny - June 15

You ladies are making me feel better! We had s_x the night before I went to the hospital and I was tearing at the bits a week and a half later. We ended up waiting 3 1/2 weeks just to make sure things were OK, and I didn't mention it to the dr. because I thought I was such a horndog! I had a C-section, so I didn't have any tears, so I don't have any advice there. We still took it VERY slow, and it was like Annette said, like losing your virginity again. Remember to use protection!


Tillie - June 15

I'm dying to have s_x again and I only had my baby two weeks ago! The problem is, I had two first-degree tears, one of them on my urethra. It scares me just THINKING about this--did anyone else tear there? Is that normal? I'm afraid to pee without my water bottle, let alone get near my husband in bed...


tiffani - June 15

Too long according to my DH. Almost 3 months. My s_x drive suffered big time as the result of my pregnancy. It's finally back and boy is he happy! :o)


Jamie - June 15

There is a medical reason for waiting after a v____al delivery. Your cervix opens completely to deliver the baby. Not only do you need to heal the tears, you need to make sure your cervix is completely closed again before inserting any foreign object (tampon, finger, vibrator, p___s) into your v____a. If you don't wait, you run the risk of serious infections, and even cause sterility. If you never dilated, it's not a big deal, but if you dilated AT ALL, you need to wait until your doctor tells you your cervix is closed.


Amy_mommy - June 15

i delievered 9 weeks ago, and i stillhave no s_x yet.........husband wants to, but i have no drive.......I'M SCARED, TOO


Layla - June 15

wow thanx ladies. My doc said i should wait 6 weeks but then she said if anything use a condom. So I guess she knows that things happen ;-P. I'm kinda scared though now that you said its like loosing ur virginity, oh gosh dont really wanna go thru that again!



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