How Long Did You Breastfeed I Thinking Of Giving Up

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Lissi - November 15

Hi ladies! I've been br___tfeeding for 8 weeks now, and I planned to feed Nadya this way, for a whole year, but now I'm thinking maybe just 3 months. The reason is, I'm trying to work part-time from home now, and I'm exhausted. I don't get time to pump now either, so I don't get a break from it. The other factor is, that I'm desperate to lose weight, and I can't go on a diet until I stop. Just wondering how long you are all planning to feed, and for those of you that stopped br___tfeeding, did your baby suffer any problems because of it, and do you have any regrets about stopping? Thanks.


Lissi - November 15

Also, how many of you managed to b___stfeed once baby's teeth came through? Nadya often has trouble latching on when she's tired and hurts my nipples so much, that I'm wondering how on earth I'd cope if she had any teeth!


Lesley - November 15

I b___stfed my daughter for 9 month and plan on feedin my son for about the same. You can still lose eight while b___stfeeding. Eat healthy foods and excercise. I lost 2 stone while I as feeding my daughter.


CEM - November 15

With my first I only b___stfed for about 9 months, he wasn't too wild about it. My second b___stfed until he was almost 2 and-a-half, and I'm still b___stfeeding my 4 month old. I think I'll stop when he's a year old, because I want to go back to school. I never had any problems biting when my two older ones got teeth, although I suppose the issue could present itself depending on the child. I don't regret stopping when I did, the time was right for me and them. Do what you're most comfortable with, and remember that b___stfeeding for 3 or 6 months is still better than nothing. I also can't wait to stop so I can shed these last pesky 10 lbs.!


CEM - November 15

I meant that I never had any problems with THEM biting me! Me biting them, now that's a whole nother story!!!!! ;-)


Heidi - November 15

10 lbs must be the magic #. I shed all my weight a week after Emma was born but now at 5 wks old I just can't shake the last 10 lbs!!!! I figure it's my body storing extra fat for b___stfeeding.


Toya - November 15

I b___stfed for 6 months...and would have gone a year had it not been for a part-time job...Asjani has not been sick yet, and I think it has to do with the b___stfeeding. I haven't nursed her in 12 days and I miss it a lot. It was our time of bonding...I kiss her and hug her a lot to make up for it.


Tanya - November 15

2 just wasnt working for my son and I. He got the most important anti bodies in that first couple of weeks and he has totally not suffered by me stopping - if anything, he is doing better because I just wanst able to produce enough!


monica - November 15

trying for 6 months...then I have to get on a killer diet. b___stfeeding makes me way to hungry ....I just want to eat.


to cem - November 15

did you b___stfeed your second child for 2.5 months or years?!!


momma - November 15

i b___st fed exlusivly for 6 weeks then introduced formula, at 2 months i had to be on antibiotics and my daughter still want formula after nursing for 15 min. each side so i stopped nursing for any future children i would like to nurse exlusevly (or expressed milk) then at 6 weeks i will introducce formula and nurse until baby can start solids


CEM - November 15

That would be 2 and-a-half YEARS. Basically until I physically couldn't anymore because I was highly pregnant with my third! Otherwise, I would have continued. We really liked it!


miranda - November 15

Only you can decide what the right decision is, but I will go ahead and give you my opinion if you take it for what it's worth. I b___stfed my daughter for a year (she's 2 now) and I am b___stfeeding again with my 2 month old son. The longer you b___stfeed, the easier it gets. By four months you can introduce other foods and the demands on you lessen. By the end of the year you are only doing it a couple times a day if that. I am glad I stuck it out the whole year, because I know it was the best thing for her and now for my son, and you do start to love it and not be exhausted by it after 3 or 4 months. Hope this helps you decide.


to Lissi - November 15

I am eager to diet, too, as well as exercise (I am only 3 weeks out of a c-section) but just know that b___stfeeding can burn up to an additional 500-800 calories daily, more than your average workout. I plan to b___stfeed for a year and will supplement with workouts and follow a healthy diet. It's your choice but for most people I know, the longer they b___stfed, the more weight they lost. I am keeping my fingers crossed with the 10 or so pounds I have left to go.


Lovely - November 15

Bless YOu, Lissi, for asking this!!!! I am on week 10 of b___st feeding and am EXHAUSTED!!!!! When she's not on my body, my b___t is hanging out of the fridge. I am trying to get her to take a bottle, and it's of formula, since it takes me 1 hour to express 2 ounces!!!!!! I can almost smell the sweet freedom of being able to go for a haircut or to get a fancy coffee, and be able to leave her with daddy for a while!


Kaitlin - November 15

If you are really interested in continued b___stfedding call your local Le leche league. They will be bale to give you alot of support. You could also try another board that has more breaastfeeding support.I like MOTHERING.COM. once you are on the home page go to discuss. Godd luck to you.For what is worth,I was b___st feed until I was 2 1/2. So were my other sibs.


Sarah - November 15

I'm w/ everything Kaitlin said! My fav site is I plan on b___stfeeding till my dd self weans. I'm know I'm going to miss it!!



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