How Long Did Your Little One Use Their Activity Mat

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ImpatientMommy - October 3

I'm thinking about buying the Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym. My daughter is 3 months now and I don't want to spend $60 on something I'm not going to get a lot of use out of so I was wondering how old your little ones were when they stopped being interested in something like this.


DDT - October 3

My ds used his Tiny Love playmat until he was about 4-5 months old. Then he wanted to start practice sitting. We still uses the mat even now because its very colourful and he plays on it. We just took off the two criss-cross frames and threw the toys into his toy bin.


DDT - October 3

I just looked up your mat and it doesn't look like it can be broken down to just the mat.


Gretta - October 3

Chloe was about 4 months when she lost interest - i would get an Excersaucer instead?


ImpatientMommy - October 3

Yeah I probably won't get it then, we have a jumperoo and she seems to enjoy that but I wanted something she could lay down on too but maybe her playpen will be good enough with all the stuff thats there and the mobile. Thanks guys!


lily10 - October 3

I have the tiny love playmat as well and my daughter who is 12 weeks loves it. From others posts it seems we only have a couple of months left with it. I'm glad I got it on clearance at walmart for $27. Maybe you could check there as well.


SaraH - October 3

Allee still plays w/ her floor gym and she's 6 months old tomorrow (26w's today). She also has an excersaucer though, which she has used more in the last couple months. She still like the floor mat though. It's great for when she no longer wants to be standing in the exersaucer but wants something to play w/ on the floor. She moves around on the floor now though so she'll play w/ it as much as she wants and then go do something else. Ours works well for her to sit and play w/ though too so she'll also do that. Once she starts crawling it also changes into a tunnel so she'll have something to crawl through. It's the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Kick and Crawl. It's only about $30, and I'd probably recommend one like this over the more expensive one your thinking of, simply for the reasons that it's cheeper (at 3 m your lo wont be using it as long so I'd personally go w/ a more basic one) and this one changes so they can play w/ it in the "tunnel" style for longer.


DB - October 3

Honestly, we barely used our playmat..she was more entertained by watching the cat walk by!!!! Once she can sit up (5.5-6mo) she liked to play with shape sorters and stuff like that!


wailing - October 4

Yhea, I think the playmats are kind of a rip. You can just put a bunch of blankets on the floor and throw toys everywhere. But, we got ours as a gift and ds enjoys it as of now. I really just like the fact that even when he is sitting we can still sit him on it, wipe it off and it's colorful and soft. We also have the TinyLove one.



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