How Long Do Theyneed Bottles Of Milk Till

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lin7604 - October 4

my ds is almost one and is getting 2 8oz bottles a day. I am wondering how long does he need bottles of milk till? i know to transition him to the cup which for ilk is a on going process but how many oz's do they need after one and do they need it in 2 lump somes ( like his bottle)? I am just wondering when to take the bottle away, but am worried he won't get enough calories, iron, calc_m, etc. If i put milkk in a cup he will only drink 2 oz or so, so in a 24 hr peroid he may drink 8oz max the rest would be water.


kimberly - October 4

They only need formula for the first year. After his first birthday you can begin to put milk in his sippy cup. I always just offered milk with thier meals and juice in the afternoons and then more milk in the evening. I think as you start a more solid food diet you will find other things he can eat that also has the calcium in it he needs. It all don't have to come from his milk.


DDT - October 4

I've read to start making the transition slowly from bottle to the sippy cup at around 8 months old. Like kimberly has said they can start drinking cow's milk at 1 year (some peds even okay it at 9 months). But then I've also read that if your baby is reluctant to give up the bottle its okay to let him have it until he's 2. Make sure he's getting additional calcium from yogurt & cheese pieces. I think by a year he can be on 1 bottle a day before bed time.


lin7604 - October 4

thanks, my ds will be 1 on the 24th and i have been giving him cow's milk for his am bottle for a week now and tonight was the first night bottle that he got cow's milk. he seems to be fine onit and drinks it just the same. He won't eat cheese at all, een cheese whiz, yougart he could live on! So i give him his bottle in the a, 2oz of milk in a cup at lunch adn yougart somewhere during the day and a bottle at night, any other liquids in between are in a cup.



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