How Long Do You Use The Rear Facing Car Seats

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ImpatientMommy - December 25

I have the Graco Passage 540 Travel System and I just can NOT find any information on any height and/or weight limits for the rear facing car seat. Is there a standard for all carseats or does it depend on which one you have? Also do forward facing carseats sit upright any more than the infant car seat? The reason why I'm asking is that I just can't wait till my daughter can go in a forward facing seat because she HATES being reclined in the slightest bit, the whole time we drive around she's just straining herself trying to sit up haha and I had a feeling forward facing car seats were more upright.


DDT - December 26

I looked on the Graco site and found out that the weight limit for the infant seats seems to fall between 20-22lbs. My ds also hated being reclined so I switched to the convertible car seat when he was about 5.5 months old. He weighed about 17lbs then. Yes, the convertibles seats allow them to sit completely upright. We have 2 convertible seats because we have 2 cars. The one is made by Evenflo and it's 2 in 1...rear-facing and forward-facing. The other is made by Safety 1st and is a 3 in 1...rear-facing, forward-facing & booster seat. You can change to forward-facing when your lo over 20 lbs AND 1 year old.


ImpatientMommy - December 26

Oooh you have to wait until they're 1 as well? I almost positive my 6 month old is 20 pounds, we'll find out for sure tomorrow when we go to the doctors.


MNMOM - December 26

They have to be 12 months AND 20 pounds. Most babies hit 20 pounds before 12 months, which means they have out grown the infant carrier and need a bigger rear facing car seat.


ROBYN - December 26

The reason they keep a baby rear facing 12month and 20 lbs is because a babys neck is not strong enough and if you were in a car accident and the seat is facing forward the baby could be more injured because the neck isnt strong enough yet.


excited2bemama - December 26

You can have rear facing seats that sit up more- it all depends on the seat. I would keep your lo rear facing as long as she will tolerate it because its safer. and yes they have to be at least 12 months and 20 lbs to be forward facing.


Tory1980 - December 26

You can get forward facing seats that will do from 9 months onwards but the average actually go by weight. If your little ones head is above the back of the rearward facing one it doesn't matter age or weight the seat is dangerous. Most travel system car seats say 'birth-approx 9months' but for some mothers I know there little ones have been above or below the weight limit in them and have therefore got more or less use from them depending. I have a forward facing one which does from 9months to five years. Make sure it is a five point harness and can be reclined and you should be fine. It is a Maxi Cosi one and is fantastic and I also have a booster seat one that is also from 9months to 11years which sits completely upright.


CWeber - December 26

So how long CAN you keep them rear facing? My lo is 9 months and 22+lbs but I would like to keep him rear facing as long as possible. Maybe even past 1yr. Any idea how long you can do it?


mommybabyboy21 - December 26

cweber I asked a simular question...mine was that my baby was too tall for his infant chair but only 6 months... only two days ago and I got a great answer its long...but to summarize there are two chairs out there that allow you to have a rear facing chair for children up to two years old. If money is not an object, ($200+) I prefer: Britaxes (Marathon , Decathlon or Boulevard with true side impact protection). Britaxes are notoriously easy to install and work well with almost every vehicle...Expires 6 year from date of manufacture. Sunshine Kids Radian65s: RF infant - 33 pounds, FF to 65 pounds. Sunshine Kids Radian80s: RF infant - 33 pounds, FF to 80 pounds. HOWEVER, the harness height on the 65 and 80 are the same, and since most kids outgrow their seats in height before weight, the only time you'd get your money's worth on the Radian80 is if you have a short, stocky kiddo. These seats are WONDERFUL if you will need to get three across in a vehicle one day, or just want to have enough extra space for adult pa__sengers. They are very narrow on the outside, but are the most roomy on the inside - offering more shoulder room than any other seat, so kids can comfortably grow into them. They are steel reinforced and have an 8 year expiry. Recaro Como or Signo: Very impressive seats. RF infant - 35 pounds, FF to 70 pounds. The only thing I don't like about the Comos are the headwings - the Signos are spaced further apart and aren't so smooshy, but the Comos really are bulky. They are removable once the child is older, but not to be removed while the child is still using the bottom two harness slots (if I remember correctly). The Signos headwings, on the other hand, are not removable and offer the same true side impact protection the Britax Boulevard offers. Recaros have a 6 year expiry. If you need something more affordable, then try: Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Deluxe. Made by Britax, so it's the same seat as the Britax-quality seats, just lower end fabric on the cover. Evenflo Triumph Advance. RF infant - 35 pounds, FF to 50 pounds. Infinite adjust harness so the harness is always at the child's shoulder level and side-adjust harness knobs. It is a comfy seat, easy to install, but takes up a lot of space because of it's wide shell. Pretty much all other seats on the market only forward face to 40 pounds or until the child outgrows the harness I wouldn't recommend any of those just because you won't get the most for your money, and children at age 3.5/4 (when they "graduate" those seats) are not ready for boosters, regardless of what the law says, so you'll most likely just end up buying another 5 point harness carseat anyway.


ImpatientMommy - December 26

I think I'm gonna try to use this one for as long as I can, hopefully all the way. Because she isn't like... bothered by it or whining because she is uncomfortable or anything like that she just trys to sit up and strains sometimes. I don't know... I'm the type of person who would hate to spend so much money on another rear facing car seat when I already have one... do you absolutely have to get another kind eventually or do you think she'll tolerate this one? I was in the backseat with her a lot today and she actually didn't do it at all today so it isn't like she's really annoyed by it or anything.


excited2bemama - December 27

So yeah.. you can rear face them for awhile.. up to 30 something lbs depending on the seat....IMpatient my dd does that too.. she always wants to see whats going on.. eventually she sits back and relaxes.. but I think she will be much happer when she is sitting up more.. but I don;t intend on buying her another seat until she outgrows this on which doesn;t seem to be for a while.



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