How Long Do Your Babies Nap

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CassieSong - February 15

Aria is 9.5 weeks old and does not like to nap during the day. The most she will nap will be an hour at a time during the day, but it is usually closer to 30 minutes. I know she is still tired after her nap because she cries and is fussy (she's not hungry). How long do your babies nap?


Kt - February 15

My dd, Meghan, is 3.5 months and has just started a schedule. She will nap for about 2 hours in the morning and about 1 in the afternoon. After 5 oclock she likes to take cat naps until bed time at 8-8:30ish. Make sure she is tired when you put her down. My dd only used to sleep for short periods of time, but i have found that if i keep her up longer, then she will take a better nap.


Ca__sieSong - February 15

How is her temperment? Aria is so cranky all the time. I have been attributing it to lack of sleep. Is Meghan a happy baby?


Kt - February 15

Yes, she is a very happy baby. I would say that if she isn't sleeping a lot, then she is probably crabby because she is tired. How does she sleep at night??


Kt - February 15

The she is mean is Aria, your baby..sorry if i confused you.


Ca__sieSong - February 15

She sleeps in 3-4 hour spurts. The pediatrician says she weighs enough to sleep a full 6 hours, but that it is habit that Aria keeps waking so often. I hate to let her cry at night though.


Lyla - February 15

My baby is 3.5 months and only sleeps 30 minutes at a time, usually three times a day, that is if I put him down in his crib by himself. It is like 30 minutes on the dot too. I know he is tired still when he wakes up, so now I am putting him in the swing. He will sleep up to 3 hours at a time in the swing. He also sleeps really well at night. I was really concerned but I figure as long as he sleeps at night, who cares what method I use to get him to sleep longer during the day.


Gen - February 16

Lyla, I just wanted to offer this info to you (but I realize your happy with the way things are so just ignore if you want!) but, my baby (now 4 months) also wakes up 30 minutes after I put him down. He does it every time and its uncanny how accurate it is to 30 mins. We can watch the clock and he hits it on the dot!!! But what I've discovered is he's not at all ready to get up at that point, so I've started to leave him to fuss and cry (which he does for anywhere between 5 and 15 mins) and then he falls back to sleep. I can usually expect another 1 1/2 or 2hrs from him after this little 30 min wake-up!! I think the little wake-up at 30 mins is just some sort of sleep transition? Perhaps from light to deep sleep and they are disturbed a little in between, but not actually ready to get up at this point. His mood has improved greatly with all this sleep. Apparently sleeping in a car or swing etc. is not as "quality" as motionless sleep because they don't fall deeply to sleep. Apparently this is "sleeping on the simmer" which is too light to be restorative sleep. Maybe you want to try what I did and just leave him to fuss in his crib after 30 min and see if you can drag some more sleep out of him. It may take a while at first because they are so use to getting up after 30 min, but it did work for me. (I just thought I'd offer this 'cause it was so similar to my situation, but just ignore me if things are cool and your happy!) (Let me know if you do try however, cause I'm curious!!!) Good luck!


SonyaM - February 16

Gen, I did this too and I have found that it works. I haven't done it all the time, but when I do it works. I noticed too that at 30 minutes my son would wake up, like clockwork but I could tell he wasn't rested. And after he goes back to sleep, he does sleep for 1-2 hours. Weird huh?


Ca__sieSong - February 16

I'm so glad to hear there are others out there like me!! Aria wakes up "on the dot" too. I know she needs more sleep because of how cranky she'll be. So tired, yet she will fight sleep. She is almost 10 weeks.... is that too young to let her cry it out to see if she'll fall asleep? I tried it once and she cried (for about 15 minutes). I went in to get her then. How long is too long to let her cry? And it isn't a hard cry either... it's like she's calling to me or something but isn't terribly upset.


jg - February 16

Hi Ca__sie, I am also with Gen. If your baby wakes up crabby and tired still, give them a kiss and a pat on the back, put the dummy back in and leave the room so they can settle back down to sleep. After a little while the nap should stretch out for longer. My baby used to sleep hour on/off up until about 2 months, then slowly the time in between sleeps stretched out, and now at 8 months he has about 4 x 1 hour naps per day, and sleeps from about 8pm to 7.30am.



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