How Long Does Your Baby Sleep

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Jen - January 4

My son is 4 weeks old and has very inconsistent sleeping patterns. Durring the day he will take naps for 2-4 hours, staying up about 30 minutes to an hour between each nap (plus about 30-45 minutes to nurse). However, at night between midnight and 7am he wakes up every single hour to eat, and has to be rocked back to sleep instead of falling asleep on his own. Obviously, this is very hard for my husband and I, plus I have to go back to work next month...I have tried to keep him up longer during the day, but he fusses and screams until I let him fall asleep. Is anyone else going through this, and is it possible to change his sleeping patterns at this age?


Shelly - January 4

Most of us have gone through this,I think it is very hard to change sleeping patterns at this age.It gets better as they get older and something that helps is to keep a routine.I bath Jesse every night around 8:30 and then I give him a bottle and he goes to sleep around 9:30 till 7:30 AM.And when they have a growth spurt it messes everything up for 2-3 days.


Christy - January 4

I am having my own struggles with this and my 8 week old, but one thing I will say is to let him sleep when he wants to. Don't force him to stay awake if he wants to sleep. He'll become overtired and then he won't want to sleep at all. It is hard to control their sleep patterns when they are so young. One thing I have read in a few places is to not let them stay awake for more than 1-2 hours at a timr in the early months. (they can sleep loger than that if they want to unless you are bf and it has been more than 4-5 hours from the last feeding.)That is the longest they can stay awake without becoing overtired (like my crazy baby who wants to be up all the time anymore!) I am working on this right now and it is hard, but you may have better luck since your little one is 4 weeks old. Also, keep in mind that most babies have their peak fussiness and a growth spurt at 6 weeks, so don't be suprised if everything seems to go downhill then. Good luck!


Marys Jaime - January 4

Jen, my little one is almost 8 weeks. At 4 weeks his pattern was not much different than yours, I was also b___stfeelding then. Like many women have told me here, things will get easier as time pa__ses. I have to say that sadly I had to switch to formula and I am BF once per day only. Now at 8 weeks (and with the formula that seems to be more filling) he sleeps 5-6 hours from 10 to 4 and then from 4ish to 7ish in the morning. So, he used to get up every hour or so during the night at 4 weeks and look at him now! So please hang in there, things change fast with babies, I am noticing. Are you b___stfeeding?


Christy - January 5

Marys Jamie- Those were the hours we had up intil last week. Now he won't sleep more than 4 hours at a time. I wish he'd give me one 6-7 hour stretch again. That was like heaven and I felt so much better. It's like he is reorganizing his schedule. Sadly, it is driving me nuts. :(


Emma - January 5

Jen, My daughter also had very inconsistent sleep patterns until she weighed about 12 for about the first 2 months. She is 3 1/2 months old and still doesn't sleep through the night, but it's okay because I'm working again and I kind of like the extra time we spend together at night. She sleeps next to me, so when she wakes up, I nurse her laying down, and then we both just drift back to sleep. My husband got sent to prison when our daughter was 7 weeks old, and I was due to return to work 3 weeks later. I was very nervous, but you will find a pattern that works for both of you...we did. Going back to work is no fun, but on the plus side, it creates a routine for babies, and they need that. Do you plan on b___stfeeding after you go back to work? I've been pumping at work for about 6 weeks now, and I'd love to discuss it with you. It's a little extra work, but SO worth it. One last tip...if your son won't fall asleep on his own and you are very tired, try laying him next to you in bed, on his side or back, and just snuggle with him and humm or sing. This really seems to relax my daughter, plus it's relaxing for me too. Good luck!


Barb - January 5

Trinity has been sleeping through the night since she was about 8 weeks old and now she's 12 weeks and all of a sudden in the last week she has been going to bed later and getting up who changes all the time just as soon as things get settled :)


Donna - January 17

My little boy is 5 1/2 weeks and he is only waking up once in the night to feed and has been like that scine about 3 weeks. just guess i am lucky


newmom - January 17

My son has been sleeping at night since 6 weeks, well he does wakes up for eating but goes right back to sleep..


Kelly K - January 17

My daughter goes to bed at 8pm usually and sleeps until 2:30 or 3. Wakes up to eat and then right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. I have a hard time getting her to nap during the day so she usually only averages about 1 hour of sleep during daylight hours. She's 9 weeks today and has had the good night sleeping pattern since about 5 weeks old.



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