How Long Does Your Baby Sleep At Night 8 Mos

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RB - July 10

just wondering how long your LOs sleep during the evening... my son is 8.5 months old and he can only clock 10 hours a night... i've heard and read in so many places that at this age (and earlier), they should be sleeping 12 hours a night... am i doing something wrong? wrong bedtime maybe? he usually goes down at 8:00pm and i've tried later bedtimes which makes him wake earlier actually... any suggestions or personal experiences would really help!!! thanks ladies!


sahmof3 - July 10

By that age my last two were doing about 10 hours. They were taking two naps/day which probably totaled about 3 1/2- 4 hours, which I think still came in under what some of my baby books said, but they seemed well rested and mostly happy, so I think that was just what they needed.


SonyaM - July 11

My ds just turned 9 months and sleeps 12 hours at night (most nights). He takes a 30 minute-1 hour nap in the morning, a 1-2 hour nap after lunch and a 30 minutes nap in the late afternoon-early evening. He is in bed most days by 7:30 and I have found that this bedtime is perfect for him. Any later than that and he doesn't sleep well. Some babies however just don't need as much sleep. My oldes ds never was a big sleeper and still isn't. If he sleeps 8-9 hours we are thrilled. Good luck.


pbj - July 11

Wow, this has recently become an issue in our home. My dd used to sleep 12 hours and had since she was 10 weeks old, but now that she's 8 mths she'll only sleep between 9-10 hours. She will sleep better if she gets all of her naps, but it is hard some days as there are things that need to be done. Usually as a general rule babies who nap well sleep well, since a baby who is overly tired will tend to not be able to get a really restful sleep.


RB - July 11

thanks ladies - maybe it's all he needs - he naps 1.5 hours in the morning, and about 1.5 in the afternoon - would you suggest a late p.m. early evening nap for his age? i would say he naps pretty well but am wondering if i should put him down for a tiny snooze later in the day...


Justine1 - July 11

My DD is 8 months and also sleeps 10 hours at night - she sleeps from midnight to 10am. She only naps a bit in the day but is always very happy and active so I think it's all she needs. I don't think you're doing fine with your son.


Christy - July 11

Ben is 8 months old and sticks hard and fast to ten hours a night no matter what I do! On the rarest of occasions, he will sleep 11 or 11.5 hours, but I have no idea why. Furthermore, he wakes up at 6 AM regardless of what time I put him down in the evening. I am seriously considering putting him to bed before 7 (he goes to be between 7:30 and 7:45 now) but am too hesitant to try it. Also, I like that he takes two longer naps during the day as a result of his 10 hour night sleep. The naps give me some time to do stuff around the house. :)


nic nac - July 11

Justine1 why does your baby go to bed at midnight? just asking.


RB - July 11

hey christy - i'm in the same boat - my son wakes at 6am no matter what time he goes to sleep and we've done the pre-7am thing and that seemed to work for a while - i put him down tonight at 7:30 so we'll have to see what happens - this morning we ignored him at 6 and he slept till 6:40 - and we always ignore him until at least 6am... how long does ben nap during the day for each of his two naps? also justine1- you're probably right - some babies probably just need less sleep - but i hope you meant that i AM doing fine with my son - it sounded funny when i read it :)


Christy - July 12

RB- Lol! I ignore Ben until 6 AM as well. He sometimes is up at 5:30 or 5:45 babbling and gurgling in his crib, so I just wait until 6 to go to him. Ben sleeps anywhere form 45 minutes to 1.5 hours in the AM and 1.5-3 hours in the PM. He has gone as long as 2.5 hours in the AM, but that is rare. The two naps combined usually total about 3.5 to 4 hours.


Justine1 - July 12

Yes RB I meant to say you are doing fine! Nic Nac - Midnight is just the time she's decided she'll sleep. She likes to 'party' between 10am and midnight and is very active then, much more active than her mum and dad are!. I think it maybe as she only likes to sleep when I am in bed by her - she sleeps in her cot but she likes to see me and I go to bed at midnight. Hopefully when I go off maternity leave and back to work we'll adjust it to 9pm or so. That's the theory anyway.


RB - July 12

Christy - what time does Ben usually nap - we've been using the Healthy Sleep Habits... way and ds goes down at 9am and 2'ish - it's supposed to be a 1:00 naptime but since he doesn't sleep that long, I've had to delay it so he's not super-grumpy at dinner time - it's not really working though! i need to get him to have a longer nap in the afternoon - most babies do i think - that way it'll hold him over okay through dinner but right now, he gets so sleepy and grumpy by dinner time that he barely gets in a good meal... any ideas anyone? it's starting to be very wearing trying to make dinner, feed us and the baby and clean up dinner with him being so tired at that time... and i don't even want to get into the fact that i don't get a lot of help with all of the above from dh - that's a different thread for a diff time :) if only i could get him to take a 2-3 hr nap, then he'd be up at around 4 in the pm and i think he'd be less grumpy... help?


kvilendrer - July 12

my 8 mo old sleeps 12 hours or more a night. It's not abnormal if they don't sleep that much. Every baby is different


nic nac - July 12

Justine1, I hope it works out for you when you go back to work. LOL. Isn't it funny how these little human beings run the show, ha ha.


RB - July 12

you're right nic nac - we like to THINK we're the bosses :)


Christy - July 13

RB- Ben goes down for a nap a little before 9 AM and around 1 PM most days. On the rare occa__sion he sleep until 11:30 in the AM, I may put him down closer to to 2 PM for the afternoon nap. If he cuts his PM naps short and wake before 3 PM (like yeserday) I normally try to put him down for a third nap between 4 and 5 PM and have him up around 6 for dinner. It works a lot of the time, but not always. Maybe if your LO wakes early in the PM, you can put him down for a third nap at 4-ish or so?


Christy - July 13

RB- I wasn't 100% clear. I would put him down for his PM nap closer to 1 PM and if he wkes before 3 PM, put him down for a third nap around 4-ish. It is worth trying. Hope that makes sense. :)



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