How Long For Monthly Cycle To Return To Normal

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Rachael mommy2lucas - October 18

It has been 9 weeks since I gave birth, and still have yet to have a period. All of my family and friends say they had theirs by 6 weeks post partum. I am waiting to start the pill again but cannot yet. Just curious how long it takes on average for most women. I'm certainly not complaining, I don't miss it!Thanks!


Chelsey - October 18

I didn't get mine until 2 months after I had baby. Its lasted for about 9 days. It was VERY heavy and I had the worse cramps EVER! Ugghhh...I didn't miss it either!


monica - October 18

all woman are different its been 12 weeks for me and no period yet. Are you b___st feeding? I hear if your are it will take longer for you to get it.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 18

I have heard that too but no, I am not b___st feeding, so I a__sumed I would get it pretty quick. But it is good to know that it has taken some time for other people too.


monica - October 18

I am pumping but I heard its not the same as b___st feeding so mine might come soon too.


Fabienne - October 18

I gave birth almost four months ago and still haven't had my periods back !!! I hear it take longer if you b___stfeed.


Amanda N - October 18

I didn't get mine until around 9-10 weeks after. And like Chelsey said it was not a fun one. Were you normal to begin with? I am not so I didn't expect to get mine too soon.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 18

Mine have always been like clockwork, on or off the pill, I guess thats why I am so surprised. Only time it ever did not come on time was when I was pregnant!


momma - October 18

i had my first at 3 weeks post partum while bf but everyone is different if you are too concerned you could check with the doc. at least to put your mind at ease if you are b___st feeding it could take longer (like till you start suplimenting or start solids) my cousin went almost 3 months and she was bottle feeding and a friend of mine has a 6 week old and has had 2 cycles (just shows how different we all are) once it comes you will probly be as regular as you once were



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