How Long For The Cold To Be Over

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monica - November 6

My 3 1/2 month old has had a cold now for over a week. How long does it usually take for them to get over a cold?


Lissi - November 6

Nadya is just getting over her cold. It lasted for about 10 days, but she's almost back to normal now. She's still a bit congested though, and coughs a little from time to time.


monica - November 6

how old is nadya and did you give her anything for her cold?


Lissi - November 7

She's only 7 weeks, so no, I couldn't give her anything. I did get some saline nose drops, but never got round to using them. I just used a nasal aspirator to help her breath a bit better at night. Poor thing had a terrible cough, and I was worried in case it was the start of whooping cough, but she's fine now. Phew! Hope your baby feels better soon.


TC - November 8

Hey Lissi, why can't you give her anything? Did your doctor tell you that? Just wondering because my son had a cold when he was about 7-8 wks and my doctor did not see anything wrong with giving him medicine. Anyway, i hope your sweetheart gets better. I know that it can be very stressful when your baby is sick and can't breathe. When my Danny was sick, me and my husband were both up all night like his personal bodyguards. And my husband had to go to work!!


TC - November 8

The end of my post was for Monica. Sorry about that.


Jenn... - November 8

Blake's cold lasted about 4 days. I used saline drops for his nose, then used an aspirator to clear it about 2 minutes later. When he was coughing a lot I gave him some infants tylenol to help his sore throat. I felt really bad 'cause he caught the cold from me. He seems much better today.


monica - November 8

calebs problem is his nose. its gets stuffy and runny and he gets uncomfortable. he has had this for about 2 weeks now and nothing helps. what is a nasal aspirator?


KrisD - November 8

Hi Monica - It's a bulb sucker-thingy. You can get the mucous out of his nostrils with it. My 9 week old had a cold and it was a god-send. He hated it at first. Now he doesn't mind. It's like he knows it helps. Takes a few tries to get good at it, though. It especially helps before the feedings so he can breathe!



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