How Long Is Your Baby Up During The Night

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Alycia - May 30

I'm just curious about others' experiences. My baby is usually up for about an hour when he wakes up at night to be changed and br___tfed, although it can range from 20 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. An hour seems a bit long to me, but there's not much I can do if he won't sleep. Just curious about other babies...


austinsmom - May 30

The only answer I can give you is to try to keep down the soon as you hear your little man go to him before he gets really upset....change the diaper by as little light as you can and keep all lights low and try not to play with him just feed him and put him back to bed....believe me I know it is hard cause when my lo gets upset and then sees me looking peering at him over the crib he will instantly smile and kick his legs....he just looks so darn cute it is hard not to start cooing at him and playing with him.....sometimes I do get sucked in (I cannot help it I am weak!!) and if I do play with him or give him attention beyond that bottle (or in your case the b___st) then bam he is up and does not want to go back to sleep.......I have figured this out from many a sleepless morning 3:00 to be precise and I hope this helps you get a little more sleep.........I should clarify that my lo is 5 months now and this has worked for me since 3 months.....good luck!!


Marlene - May 30

Alycia how is your baby? My son was like that when he was younger. Now he is 3 months and I do like austinsmom does I keep the lights low like I will use the tv as a light inside of the ceiling light. But now he just gets his diaper changed drinks his 5oz then I burp him and he falls back alseep in lap. If your baby is younger then my son it could just be a phase.Hope I helped alittle.


Marlene - May 30

sorry i meant how old is your baby?


Angela in California - May 30

it doesn't sound unusual. my little one is sometimes awake for 2 hours before he gets back to sleep and he is 4 onths old! It is frustrating, but I'm not ready to let him cry in his crib, so I rock him and try to get him soothed. Sometimes he falls right back to sleep no problem. Sometimes though it's a saga! He has acid reflux though so sometimes he's just having some pain and that's why he doesn't want to lie down.


HannahBaby - May 31

my daughter was up just long enought to finish her bottle.


joeysmom - May 31

My son does the same thing. He wakes up anywhere from an hour - three hours. It is sooooo annoying, but there is nothing you can do. I don't anything, I just feed him and then lay him back down. I don't play with him, and usually don't change his diaper unless there is poop. He is almost six months so he doesn't go as often.


Mel_C - May 31

I agree with the others about dim lights, and no stimulation/play at night time - apart from that there isn't much else you can do really. My ds (3.5 months) is awake anything from 15min to 1.5 hours or more depending on if he's fussy or not. He tends to be up longer if we've had to have a diaper change. As he's been getting more efficient at bf-ing, the nighttime shift has been getting shorter. It used to be up to 2hrs, now we're averaging around 30-40 minutes. Unfortunately he's now getting up more times per night, I'm hoping it's just another growth spurt, but that's another story!


krnj - May 31

My ds is 3 months and slept for 5 hours last weekend for 2 days in a row. Now he's back to his old tricks of being up every 2-3 hours. Oh well...


Alycia - May 31

My son is only three weeks old, so I'm a__suming it will get better eventually. I just started doing the dim lights/minimal stimulation thing, so hopefully it will work better. Unfortunately, he HATES being in a wet or poopy diaper, so I can't really avoid changing him when he gets up. Thanks for all the tips!


Aussie Beck - May 31

At three weeks it is perfectly normal for your baby to be awake for long periods at night. I know our dd was very hard to settle back to sleep when she was younger, she's five months now and has been very easy to put back to sleep since she was about 3 months. We use a pacifier with her - have you tried one?Their bodies don't know the difference between day and night yet, but it gets much easier when their circadium rhythms start to kick in and their bodies know that daytime is awake time, and night-time is for sleep. I know it is very hard when they are that age - don't worry it will get better and you will get more sleep soon!!!!


Marlene - June 1

Alycia when my son was that young it took him awhile to go back to sleep. Around 3-months it should get better.


Alycia - June 1

I guess I can expect to be tired for about another two months, it sounds like. As for the pacifier, I was told not to use one until he is at least six weeks old to avoid nipple confusion. A clean finger, nail side down, is supposed to be a good subst_tute, and this does often work to soothe him to sleep if he doesn't stay asleep on his way back to bed.



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